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6 Hair Glosses That’ll Give You A Luxe Mane & Transform Your Locks

6 Hair Glosses That’ll Give You A Luxe Mane & Transform Your Locks

We don’t know about you. But we constantly wish our hair was shinier. Can you blame us? First, the shine-centric beauty craze was glass skin, and now, we feel like everyone wants liquid hair, or silky, ultra-reflective strands. Thank stars like Kim K and Zendaya for that one since they’ve both been seen rocking glassy locks.

As we all know, the kind of sleek look isn’t always possible with simply a blowout and a leave-in conditioner. It turns out, however, that the key to tons of shine is treating your hair to a gloss or a glaze. The at-home glosses and glazes act like a shiny top coat for hair. These shine treatments can give your hair a new lease of life in a matter of minutes. They add vibrancy back to coloured hair, even out tone or brassiness, and add shine. So if you’re looking for something to amp up your blah mane, keep scrolling for A+ formulas that will give you insane glossy – almost glass-like – tresses. Choose the one that’s best for you, then go get your shine on in time for the weekend. 

The Best At-Home Glosses And Glazes For Your Shiniest Hair, Ever

For Super-Shiny Locks

After shampooing, treat your tresses with this smoothening conditioner. Apply it evenly all over wet hair, leave it on for a few minutes, and then rinse. It’ll help balance your hair’s pH levels so it looks ridiculously soft and shiny once you hop out of the shower.

For Glazed Donut-Level Shine

Here is a glaze treatment that comes in two options: light and dark. The light formula aims to brighten and counteract brassy tones, while the dark formula reduces dullness and colour face by depositing temporary dye on your hair. In addition to enhancing the colour, the formula also hydrates and helps prevent hair breakage. In other words, it is a win-win!

Shine So Bright You’ll Need Sunglasses

If your colour-treated hair is prone to flyaways and frizz, you need this magical elixir. It’s a rinse-out salon gloss treatment that used lactic acid, amino acids, and tartaric acid to strengthen the hair while providing vibrancy and shine. The treatment also helps prevent damage and colour-fading. Apply it after your shampoo and leave it on for one to two minutes.

For Commercial-Worthy Tresses

Infused with hydrating Indian ghee, coconut oil, and hemp oil, this oil-gloss hybrid leaves dry and frizzy hair looking soft, shiny, and sleek when applied after styling. It won’t refresh colour, but it will work wonders on breakage, damage, and split ends.

Leave Your Locks Feeling Luxe

Though it won’t completely replace a toner if your box dye was kind of a fail – or if your colourist took some, uh, creative liberties, this in-shower foam will continue to neutralise brassy tones and break down orange hues, post-colour. This hair gloss will give you the healthiest, shiniest locks ever!

For The Liquid Hair Of Your Dreams

The Drybar Liquid Glass Instant Glossing Rinse claims to do its magic in just seconds! It’s a hair-gloss rinse you use after shampooing and before conditioner. Great for all hair types, it diminishes frizz and gives your hair a boost of shine and illuminating vibrancy.

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26 Apr 2022

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