5 Best Moments From Netflix’s Jonas Family Roast That Will Have You LOLing Hard

ShivaniShivani  |  Nov 24, 2021
5 Best Moments From Netflix’s Jonas Family Roast That Will Have You LOLing Hard


No one can love you like your family, but at the same time, no one can roast you better than your family! Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas recently realised the truth behind this statement when they offered themselves up for a roasting session! Netflix’s Jonas Brothers Family Roast dropped online recently and we haven’t been able to stop Rofl-ing over it.

From the looks of it, turkey isn’t the only thing getting roasted this Thanksgiving season! The guest list for the roast included the J-sisters, Sophie Turner, Priyanka Chopra, Danielle Jonas and popular comedy stars like Lilly Singh and Pete Davidson.

Now, let’s skip to the good part! Here are the roast moments that are pure gold

The Most Successful Jonas That We Did Not See Coming

Priyanka Chopra didn’t hold back at all! PC called the Sucker singers ‘cute’ for their ‘Gram game. She said, “Have you noticed how much content the Jonas Brothers post online? They are always on Instagram, always on their phone. It’s so cute. I’ll tell you why. Because all of them combined still have less followers than me. So I guess the most popular Jonas is @priyankachopra on Instagram”

We Were Not ‘Expecting’ This!

Our desi girl struck gold when she poked fun at the fact that Nick and herself are the only couples without kids. Priyanka quipped, “We’re the only couple who doesn’t have kids yet. Which is why I am excited to make this announcement. Sorry baby. Nick and I are expecting…to get drunk tonight and sleep in tomorrow.” 

*Mic Drop* that’s all we can say RN!

Truth Bombs But Make It Funny

If you were to ask our fave moment in the roast, we’ll have to say when Piggy Chops talked about Nick’s acting career! Priyanka said, “Nick and I have a 10-year age gap. Yes. We do, and there are many ’90s pop culture references he doesn’t understand and I have to explain them to him, which is fine because we teach each other things. He showed me how to use TikTok, for example, and I showed him what a successful acting career looks like.”

Here’s the headline for the day: Priyanka just killed this roast and there were no survivors!

Sophie Turner Won With This NSFW Joke

While many people argue that Sophie Turner wasn’t the rightful Queen of the North in Game of Thrones, she was certainly the Queen of this roast. The actress ruthlessly roasted her husband Joe Jonas over his infamous purity ring. 

Here’s a bit of context: During their teen years, the Jonas trio wore purity rings and took vows of abstinence. Sophie poked fun at this and said, “To be honest, Joe and the purity ring thing was kind of like a modern-day Cinderella. I mean, Joe tried to find a match for his purity rings a few times, but finally, the finger fit me. It was also like Cinderella because most of the girls he tried it with were under contract to Disney.”

Danielle Jonas Lost Her Voice But Not Her Quips

Kevin Jonas’ wife Danielle wasn’t the one to show mercy on her hubby! Though she lost her voice before the show, she got the show’s host Kenan Thompson to say her part. Her best remark has to be: “I met Kevin on vacation, and before that, the only thing I’ve done on vacation that ruined my life was getting vacation braids. I basically ignored him the whole time, which he loved because he said it reminded him of his mom.” Ouch!

Then Came The Bridesmaid…

Priyanka Chopra’s BFF Lilly Singh turned up the heat in this roast! The actress took potshots at Kevin and Joe and said, “To be honest, I already feel like a member of the family because at Nick and Priyanka’s wedding Kevin and Joe both said to me, ‘We’re so happy you are marrying our brother, Nick.”  Lilly came, she saw and she killed it!

The Jonas Brothers might need a ton of aloe vera to recover from these burns!

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