Netizens Assume The Worst After Priyanka Chopra Drops ‘Jonas’ From Her Name & TBH, They Need To Calm Down

KanupriyaKanupriya  |  Nov 23, 2021
Netizens Assume The Worst After Priyanka Chopra Drops ‘Jonas’ From Her Name & TBH, They Need To Calm Down


William Shakespeare once asked, “What’s in a name?” Apparently, everything! When it comes to Bollywood, more than half of the controversies can simply be about someone’s name. If you find that hard to believe, let us remind you of a distasteful incident that happened recently. Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor were trolled on social media this year for naming their second son Jehangir. In fact, they had to endure the same ordeal when they revealed the name of their firstborn—Taimur. Absurd, right? Well, it seems that netizens are not done with their obsession with celebs’ names and have found another reason to work themselves up (unnecessarily, of course).

The grapevine has been working overtime since yesterday. Priyanka Chopra recently dropped her husband Nick Jonas’s last name from her Instagram handle. She changed her name from ‘Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ to ‘Priyanka’ and obviously, netizens could not stop themselves from assuming the worst. The rumour mills have been buzzing that PC and Nick are heading for a divorce and the actress is being trolled on social media for it. Yes, it’s every bit as ridiculous as it sounds!


The global icon’s current bio on Instagram reflects her first name and TBH, we don’t see how that means anything more than that. Apparently, netizens have a lot of unnecessary opinions about it and here’s why it’s not okay:

The Trolling Needs To Stop, STAT!

The actress recently shared the first poster look of her upcoming movie, The Matrix Resurrections, on her ‘Gram and she looks absolutely stunning. But sadly, instead of congratulating her, certain netizens are more concerned about the rumours of her separation. Here’s what they’re saying:

Maybe, It’s None Of Your Business

Maybe (read totally), people should mind their own business and focus less on spewing negativity on social media.


‘Coz Netizens Know EVERYTHING!

While people speculating about PC’s divorce is absurd, what’s even more shameful is certain netizens making fun of it.


Netizens Need To Calm The Heck Down!

Priyanka’s mother, Madhu Chopra, recently dismissed all the claims about her daughter’s separation from her husband and said to a leading daily, “It’s all rubbish, don’t spread rumours.” A close friend of the actress has also revealed to a leading publication that all these reports are baseless. They said, “These divorce rumours are all amusing. Priyanka is using her first name because she wants to use that in her future projects. There is no truth to any other speculation. Also, she’s not only dropped ‘Jonas’ but ‘Chopra’ as well on social media.”

Desi Girl Squashes The Rumours In The Steamiest Way Possible!

Also, for all the loyal #PriNick fans, we have something special for you. While several netizens were busy having unnecessary debates about PC’s imaginary divorce, the actress was indulging in some PDA with her hubby. TBH, it’s too hot to handle!

Nick shared a video on his ‘Gram while working out and Priyanka commented on it and wrote, “Damn! I just died in your arms… 😍 🥵 ❤️” OMG, is it just us or did the temperature seriously spike up right now?

Well, we hope that netizens finally stop with the unnecessary rumours and let the couple just be!

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