24 Super Relatable Things That Feel Just As Good As Having Sex. Yup, They Exist!

Anandita MalhotraAnandita Malhotra  |  Jun 6, 2019
24 Super Relatable Things That Feel Just As Good As Having Sex. Yup, They Exist!


Guys, sex is great. There is no denying. We all love our fetishes, our kinks, and all our experimenting. But is it the best feeling in the world? Some of you might be screaming a big YES.

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But according to this viral Reddit thread, there are things which are just as great if not better. It’s the simpler pleasures in life that gives us the most happiness. And trust us, you’ll relate to these on another level. 

1. Waking up to your work alarm, only to realize it’s the weekend.

2. Closing all the tabs after finishing a project/assignment.

3. Getting a piece of food out of your teeth that has been bothering you. 

4. Picking that boogie that feels like it’s attached to your brain stem.

5. Taking your socks off after a long day.

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6. Just the right amount of alcohol.

7. The shivers/chills you get down your spine when listening to music you really enjoy.

8. A blanket and a nap on a rainy afternoon.

9. Someone playing with your hair.

10. Sneezing is like an orgasm for the nose.

11. Getting to know your partner on a deep, emotional level.

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12. Taking a dump after that first cup of coffee.

13. When your cutting wrapping paper and the scissors start gliding.

14. When you pull into the driveway right when the song ends.

15. When someone cancels plans you weren’t really interested in but felt obligated to go to.

16. Peeling the plastic off of new electronics.

17. Coming home to see your dog.

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18. That feeling when your muscles are sore after you finish your gym workout.

19. Scratching the itch that you haven’t been able to because you’ve been in public.

20. Forehead kisses.

21. A good poop.

22. Taking your bra off at the end of the day. 

23. Going to sleep when you’re really tired. Like you just got off a 16-hour flight and you barely slept at all, but it’s the wrong time to sleep where you are, so you force yourself to stay awake all day, and then finally, finally, you get to go to sleep.

24. Giving someone a hug and they hug you back tighter.

How many of them were relatable to you? Honestly, I think they’re pretty accurate.

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