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16 Of The *Coolest* Rakhis For The Brother You Adore

16 Of The *Coolest* Rakhis For The Brother You Adore

There’s no bond in the world that’s sweeter, stronger and more fun than the kind you share with your brother. Throughout your childhood, you spend the maximum number of days blackmailing, roasting, laughing and fighting over the title of “favourite child” at home and yet, always manage to protect, care and love each other, silently. You may not express it as much (or ever) but deep down, you both know how much you mean to each other. No matter who enters or leaves your life, you know that your brother is going to be right by your side as your closest confidante, best friend and the only hero you need at the end of the day.

Looking For Rakhis That Are As Awesome As Your Brother?

Come August and the struggle to find a beautiful rakhi long with the perfect rakhi gift for brother begins. ‘Cause Raksha Bandhan is that one special occasion when you’re not actually forced to be nice to each other – it just happens naturally! You also go overboard play those cheesy Rakhi songs! wink So if you’re looking for the kind of rakhis that make him smile and show that you love him without actually saying it, take a look at 16 of the coolest rakhi options for the brother you promise to adore, protect and annoy forever.


Tu Mera Hero Rakhi

If your brother is more than just your personal guardian but a saviour in disguise, a problem solver, defender, protector and someone who’s always there to cheer you up with his funny and stupid escapades, show him that he’s your *real* hero for life by getting him this cute rakhi.

Bro Sis Code Rakhi

If you’ve got a brother who’s constantly got your back and with whom you’ve shared the kind of secrets that you can never imagine telling anyone else in the world and vice versa, keep your bro-sis code safe by tying this cool rakhi on his wrist.


Super Bro Rakhi

If you’ve got a brother who follows his heart, works extremely hard for his dreams and inspires you to be the best version of yourself (the way he does), tie this endearing rakhi on his wrist to let him know that he’s nothing short of a role model for you, every single day.

PUB-G Bro Rakhi

For the gaming champion who’s 24X7 hooked on to PUB-G, this fun rakhi is there to remind him of the (only) skill he’s allowed to boast in front of you and everybody else – only until the occasion ends, obviously. *wink*


Swag Rakhi

Do you have a brother who’s way too chilled out for his own good and is almost always on a different wavelength altogether? If so, there’s no cooler rakhi than this one for someone whose swag quotient is completely off the charts and is obsessed with his thug life.

Bodyguard Rakhi

If you remember saying, “tu jaanta nahi mera bhai kaun hai” way too often as a kid and have a protective, badass brother whom no one dares to mess with (except you, of course), this rakhi is the best option for someone bold like him.


Chota Bhai Rakhi

If you’ve got a younger brother who keeps getting older, taller and more annoying with each passing second, remind him that he’s always going to be your adorable little munchkin at heart, no matter what, with this sweetest little rakhi.

Talli Bro Rakhi

Do you have the kind of brother who loves to drink and party the night away? Then, this funky rakhi will add a personal touch to all the crazy scenarios that you both must have dealt with together whilst being talli yourself or handling the talli version of each other.


Footballer Bhai Rakhi

If your brother can’t stop talking, playing or raving (most of which you never seem to understand) about his football fever, tie this perfect rakhi on your favourite Lionel Messi’s wrist and show him how much you care about his interests (sometimes, hehe).

Harry Potter Rakhi

If your brother is the Ron Weasley to your Ginny, then, this Harry Potter-themed rakhi is bound to bring a smile on your Potterhead’s face. A spell or no spell, show him that you’re always there to protect him and ready to binge-watch Harry Potter movie marathon any day, anytime.


Ladoo Bro Rakhi

Is your brother’s face as round as a ladoo? Or does he remind you of the adorable little ladoo in K3G? If so, then leave all the generic rakhis behind for there ain’t going to be any as fun and cute as this one for your sweetheart brother.

Bro #1 Rakhi

If your brother is more than just your family but your best friend, soul mate and favourite clown, all in one, too, then he’s pretty much all you need to feel insanely lucky. Tie this #1 rakhi on his wrist and make him realise that he is indeed the best brother in the entire world.


Brother From Another Mother Rakhi

Not all relationships are blood-related; some are born straight out of our hearts! So if you’ve got someone special who means just as much to you as your own brother, this beautiful rakhi is enough to let him know that he’s your family.

Customised Photo Rakhi

What better way to surprise your brother than with his own handsome little face on his rakhi? With this personalised creation, you can either choose to add his most embarrassing picture (and witness a priceless look) or your favourite selfie with him for a flashback of memories.


Bond Of Life Rakhi

For a bond like yours which is a mix of all things fun and sweet, this exquisite rakhi is a blend of all colours to spread even more love and positivity. Being a 22-karat gold-dipped rendition, it has a beautiful motif, set amidst the hand-knotted, arty threads in vibrant shades of pink, green, red and brown. 

Metallic Mode Rakhi

Composed of a 22-karat gold-dipped motif with delicate filigree details in a classic, metallic combination of silver and gold threads, this pretty rakhi spells immense positivity and deems perfect for the brother who means the world to you.



So, go ahead and surprise your brother/s by choosing from this amazing collection of rakhis along with special rakhi messages! And have a fun Raksha Bandhan, y’all!

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