Does Your Bestie Love Astrology? These 12 Gifts Based On Her Zodiac Will Make Her Day!

KanupriyaKanupriya  |  Oct 4, 2021
Does Your Bestie Love Astrology? These 12 Gifts Based On Her Zodiac Will Make Her Day!


Do you find picking up the right gifts for your bestie the toughest task ever? Well, same! There’s just so much pressure to get the perfect present for your perfect BFF. It has to be something they have had their eyes on for a while or an item that they’d find extremely useful. It also has to be amazing and something that would take them by surprise. Most importantly, the gifts need to match their vibes because, hello? Your BFFs need something that can complement their personality and there are no two ways about it.

Finding that perfect gift for your bestie is as difficult as finding logic in her love-life decisions. Well, we cannot do anything about the latter, but we can surely help you pick up the right gift for your BFF.

Technically, we are not helping you, but the stars, moon and the sun are. That’s right—we have curated a lift of some really cute gifts options you can give to your bestie, based on her zodiac sign.

12 Gifts You Can Give Your Bestie Based On Her Zodiac

Here are twelve amazing presents that you can give to your BFF based on her zodiac sign, and we are sure that she’s going to love them!


If there’s one thing that Aries hate, then it is having a dull day. They need to add a pop of colour and loads of drama to their lives to make it fun and exciting. That’s why they should be gifted with this gorgeous Squad Goals – 12 Eyeshadow Kit by POPxo Makeup. It has twelve vibrant shades that are oh-so-pigmented. Trust us, with this palette, there will never be a dull moment in your Aries BFF’s life!


This warm and affectionate sign likes to pamper their loved ones as well as themselves. We are sure that your Taurus bestie showers you with bear hugs and spoils you with cute presents often and now, it’s time you do the same for her. This beautiful Vibin’ Mini Nail Kit by POPxo Makeup has five glossy nail enamels that will suit all her OOTDs.


If your bestie is a Gemini, then chances are that she reads her horoscope every day and yours as well. They are spiritual beings who believe in cosmic energy, the concept of awakening, and more such things that make you go WTH?! Well, you don’t need to understand everything as long as you are supporting their quest to find inner peace. But, you can gift them this quirky journal to make their manifestation process easier.


Is there any Cancerian in this world who does not like tea or coffee? We all know that one moonchild who loves to believe that their problems will get automatically solved by having chai. Well, that’s your cue to gift them this flavourful tea set by Chaayos and help them forget all their troubles.


These feisty divas need something that suits their bold personalities and we will admit, finding the perfect gift for them is not easy. But, one look at this Power Trip – Mini Lip Kit by POPxo Makeup, and we just know that it’s meant for our Leo bestie. Add it to your cart right away!


Calm and composed yet hot and happening—your Virgo besties know how to switch from work mode to fun mode and it’s impressive AF! This Send Noods – 4 Eyeshadow Kit by POPxo Makeup has neutral as well as bright shades that will make their desk-to-dinner transition even smoother.


She’s the most reliable BFF in the world because she knows how to have fun, when to have fun and exactly how much fun you guys should have. While it is hard to please your perfectly balanced Libra BFF, we think this stunning Rise & Shine – Face & Eye Kit by POPxo Makeup will be the perfect pick for her. It has blush, highlighter, setting powder and eyeshadow palette in the same kit and we’re sure that your bestie will love this practical gift.


If you have often looked at your bestie and thought that she’s an old soul, then chances are that she’s a true Scorpion. She’s mature, nurturing, totes dependable and would love to have another baby in her life (apart from you) to take care of. So, gift her this beautiful plant set that she can pamper with all her heart.


Anyone who thinks that Sagittarians are boring should meet them with their besties. When they are in their real element, they become the most interesting people to hang out with. Well, if you have a Saggi bestie, then you’d know their sincere and quirky sides both. To complement all her shades, gift her this lovely Hustlin’ Mini Nail Kit by POPxo Makeup.


Your Capricorn bestie can pretend to be stern and serious in her social circle, but deep down, you know how much she loves fun and drama. To pamper the side that she hides from the world, gift her this Drama Queen – 4 Eyeshadow Kit by POPxo Makeup because she’s going to love it!


Your Aquarian bestie loves to party and drag you everywhere with her. Dressing up and looking glamorous is her fave thing to do in the world and this No Drama – Mini Lip Kit will help her do just that.


When it comes to makeup, you know that your Piscean bestie likes to keep things subtle. This InstaGlamm Face Kit by POPxo Makeup will help them do exactly that. It has beautiful coral blushes, setting powder and highlighter in the same kit!

So fam, what are you waiting for? Surprise your bestie by gifting her these awesome products now!

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