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10 Fun Gifts To Give Your Cancerian Bestie On Her Birthday!

10 Fun Gifts To Give Your Cancerian Bestie On Her Birthday!

Are you besties with a Cancerian? Awesome! July is their birth month and to make their day super special, you may want to shower them with gifts and love. When picking a present for your Cancerian friend, don’t go overboard and buy the first thing you see. Put a little thought into it. After all, Cancerians appreciate gifts that come from the heart.

10 Gifts For The Cancerian In Your Life

Rather than putting it in the showcase, they would like something that they can use. Don’t get them the usual – wallet, perfume or sunnies. Think beyond that! Here are 10 fun gifts to give your Cancerian bestie. 

Love For ALL Things Bling

Pretty, no? That’s why it’s on this list. The tiny crabs on your bestie’s ankle will fetch her loads of sweet compliments. It’s a must-have piece of jewellery for a Cancerian woman!

How About A Cute Crabby Coin Pouch?

This crab-shaped mini bag is perfect to store all her pennies. Plus, it’s too cute to not pick up for your Cancerian bestie. I bet that every time she carries it around, she’ll look at it and think of you!

Or A Must-Have Diary?

Cancerian women are deep people. They like to pen their emotions and words down. Gifting them a diary would make their day. Especially if their zodiac sign is on the cover!

Keep Calm & Colour

Cancerian women are prone to anxiety. They stress about every little thing and they need something to calm them down – like this adult colouring book. I have the exact same one at home and it always brings me happiness. 

It Smells Like Pizza In Here…

If you’re friends with a Cancerian, you’ll know that they dislike getting out of their home. They’re more than happy to sit with a bag of chips and Netflix ALL day. The best part is that this one actually smells like a fresh slice of pizza when lit.

Drink Me Up!

Hydrate and repeat! This is the advice you must give your Cancerian bestie. It’s a sipper she’ll proudly carry to the gym or her office. 

Crystals For The Queen

She will definitely love this necklace. The seashells will instantly remind your Cancerian friend of her favourite place. You guessed right! It’s the sea. 

Party For One, Please?

Cancerians love good music. You will always find them listening to tracks when they’re relaxing. Gifting your bestie a cute Bluetooth speaker like this one will make her want to squish the joy out of you!

Hey There, Fineapple!

Your bestie is into all things vogue? Get your trendsetter this transparent pouch bag. She can use this pouch to carry her makeup whenever she’s travelling on vacay. 

Magic On Your Feet

No lies, your bestie will look so adorable when she walks around her home in her unicorn slippers! It’s so cute, so squishy and oh-so-soft – you can’t not want to buy it for her!

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16 Jul 2019

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