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10 Simple Ways To Recreate Monica’s Iconic Apartment From F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Shagun MarwahShagun Marwah  |  Jul 4, 2019
10 Simple Ways To Recreate Monica’s Iconic Apartment From F.R.I.E.N.D.S


There are a few television shows and characters in the world that continue to make you fall in love with them all over again, no matter how many times you watch them on repeat. They make you smile, laugh, love, connect and in short, *feel* everything that you did when you first began watching them. Oh yes, I’m talking about the one and only (literally) cult favourite series called F.R.I.E.N.D.S. that seems to have put a spell on all of us ever since it was aired!

The show not only brings comfort but also a sense of belonging with every episode. Till date, I find myself coming back to it whenever I have a ‘blah’ day or want to pep up my mood. And I bet, you do too! So, if watching it can make you feel this good, IMAGINE walking into your home that feels like its straight from the sets of Friends? That’s right. With our help, you can easily turn your home into Monica Geller’s apartment!

Want To Know How You Can Recreate Monica’s Apartment?

Lucky for you, we noted down all the tips and tricks to redecorate your place into her chic and classy apartment. So, are you ready to amp up your home? Don’t forget to call all your friends over and recreate your favourite show! 

Fill The Room With Bold Colours (Especially PURPLE)

Secret London

If there’s one thing that we notice as soon as we see Monica’s apartment is the fact that it’s filled with bold colours, everywhere. While the walls have been painted purple, some of the doors have also been coloured with shades of green and blue. Now, doesn’t that give it a totally, dramatic and eye-catching look? So, go and fill your surroundings with bright colours, too!

A Peephole Door Frame For That *Extra* Touch


There’s something too unique about having a golden vintage, peephole frame on your door and as soon as we see one, it takes us back to Monica’s ‘purple door’ in Friends, doesn’t it? Now, you can buy one too on Amazon and give your door exactly the same touch.

A White Loveseat Sofa With Colourful Throws & Pillows


Do we ever need an excuse to relax or just lie down on a sofa that feels just as charming as it looks? A loveseat is the perfect piece of furniture to emulate Monica’s living room decor. You could either buy it in a white or creamy-beige shade and add some eye-popping colours with cute pillows – so that every time, you doze off, you could find something to wrap yourself in or cuddle with.

Statements Rugs For A Classy Vibe

If you have enough space, adding a classy, statement rug to your room can actually make your room look bigger and make it look spectacularly complete. It can add a good amount of colour and design to your space and really help brighten up the vibe of the room.

A Square-shaped, Wooden Coffee Table

A square-shaped, wooden coffee table is all that you need to bring your awesome furniture together. Not only does it serve its purpose perfectly but also gives a nice, vintage touch to your living room. And just like Monica, you could always place some pretty lace covers or cute coasters on it to brighten it up.

Pretty Little Tables To Complete The Spaces

Monica made sure of two things – first, you can never have enough corner tables in your room and second, no space should ever be left neglected. So, just like her, you too could fill up your nook and crannies with pretty little tables that can not only be used for placing lamps but flower vases, plants, books, scented candles, frames or anything else that you love!

Vintage Posters & Clocks As Wall Decor

Furniture Choice

Remember that huge vintage poster that Monica had on her wall between the two bedrooms? This funky addition made all the difference to the decor! So, in order to emulate the essence of the ‘90s era, try hanging a few classic, vintage posters or colourful little clocks to add some jazz to your walls.

A Dining Table With Mismatched Chairs


Monica’s little dining table was a simple, round one but looked funky AF with its mismatched choice of chairs around it. Although it seems like a strange idea, this different set of colourful chairs really did keep our focus throughout their episodes and hence, yours would too! After all, why does everything need to be the same? Add a little uniqueness and have some fun!

An Open Storage For All Kitchen Utensils


Open shelving had become a unique choice for those who lived in the ‘90s and hence, Monica’s kitchen cupboards were always free of cabinet doors. So, if you do the same, not only would this deem convenient enough for grabbing your spices, crockery or utensils, as and when required, but would also allow your collection of pretty cups and saucers to be on display. You could always attach a few hook hangers for neatly arranging your plates, condiments and more.

Soft Lighting For A Cosy Atmosphere

One of the most charming things about Monica’s apartment was the fact that it never seemed too bright – especially not with the lights. So, instead of opting for one or two tube lights, switch to beautiful, little table lamps and let them bring out a more subtle, glow to your rooms. Not only would this create a more cosy and relaxed atmosphere, but would also look so much trendier!

So, what are you waiting for? Go and deck up your apartment F.R.I.E.N.D.S. style!

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