10 Budget-Friendly Ideas For An Unforgettable Date With Bae!

Shagun MarwahShagun Marwah  |  May 14, 2019
10 Budget-Friendly Ideas For An Unforgettable Date With Bae!


Going on dates with the one you’re truly, madly and deeply in love with, feels amazing (cheesy, but true). No matter how many times you meet your man, you miss him the second he leaves and start planning your next date all over again. No matter how many hours you spend cosied in his arms or laughing at his lame jokes while he roasts the hell out of you, the time you spend together is just never enough. So, if you both are this much fun – why should your dates be boring AF and include the same ol’ fancy, restaurants over and over again?

Honestly, if you get to meet your boyfriend as rarely as I do, each day with him should feel like a celebration. But what if your wallet is not in the mood for a celebratory splurge? Worry not! We bring you 10 of the coolest, budget-friendly date ideas which are not only undeniably fun but will bring out the simplest of joys in your relationship – without burning a hole in your pocket! (You might even end up saving enough to spoil him on anniversaries or his birthday). If you think this is a good idea, read on to find out what you can plan for your next date with bae:

1. Get Your Game On!

If you two are kids by heart, playing cards or board games is a great idea. It’s fun and relaxing and the thrill just makes you want to play ‘another game’ one after another. So, take out some good old fashioned games like Carom, Monopoly, Ludo or my personal favourite – UNO. And see how fun it gets when you witness that competitive little streak or child-like happiness on the face of the winner!

2. Bake Up Some Love!

They say, ‘Couples who cook together, stay together’. Okay, it’s just me who says that but believe me, it’s true. Any couple can head to a restaurant or order food delivery when they’re feeling lazy, but there’s just something incomparable to the kind of efforts that some put while preparing a nice meal at home – together! Or simply, whipping up a good dessert and having fun all the while.

3. Indulge In A Spooky Date!

Tired of walking around in the boring old parks and seeing the same views again and again? If the thrill of horror gives you both an adrenaline rush, search for the nearest or the scariest spots in your city and prove who’s the biggest daredevil out of the both of you. Not only will this experience bring you both closer (like literally) but also leave you with some of the most unforgettable, fun memories.

4. Create Your *Personal* Spa!

There’s no better way to relieve all that stress from work or social obligations than indulging in a nice body massage. Dim the lights, take turns in pampering each other by massaging gently (wherever needed) and play some romantic music in the background to get into that sexy mood. Afterwards, you could always hop into the shower or indulge in a relaxing bath – together, of course!

5. Get Sporty & Competitive!

Show him who’s the boss! Challenge him to a game of basketball, tennis or any other outdoor sport and sweat it all out – the stress, workload and all the worries in the world. Make this a regular thing and see how the bond of friendship strengthens between you two. And don’t forget to have loads of fun!

6. Go For A Looooong Drive!

Every now and then, when things begin to get too overwhelmed, a fun escape from the world is much needed. And nothing beats the wonderful, cathartic feeling of going on a long drive with your boyfriend while listening and grooving to your favourite music out loud. Roll down your windows and feel the air rushing through your hair – and it’ll make you want to freeze this precious time, forever!

7. Get Cosy At Home!

Let’s admit. No matter how many times we’ve done this, we can never get bored with the classic, stay-at-home date. And why would we? It’s cosy, fun and filled with love. Wrapped in your boyfriend’s arms? Check. New movie on Netflix? Check. Loads of ice cream? CHECK! Well, that’s all we really need, don’t we?

8. Go Swimming!

There’s something so exciting about the idea of swimming, especially with your boyfriend! You can either hit the nearest beach or a club that doesn’t cost you too much and indulge in a nice swim for an hour or two. Take out that sexy swimsuit you may have stashed away for a while and let things get steamy and naughty as you dive into the pool and press your wet body closer to his. *wink*

9. Enjoy A Beautiful View!

You can always make the most of all the little moments in your life – you just need to know how. So, climb the biggest fort or hill in your city and let that beautiful sunset fill your heart with warmth. You could always stay a while longer, lie down and stare at the starry, sky. And believe me, no amount of food at restaurants or the comforts of your home can come nearer to this lovely, romantic experience!

10. Make Your Own Relationship Playlist!

Now, this is a bit new but totally, worth the efforts! How many times have we heard a particular song on repeat that reminded us of the one we love? All you both need to do is to choose or discover the songs that you dedicate for each other and the ones that remind you of your love story. Now, every time you both travel or laze around at home together or miss each other, THIS playlist will be your knight in shining armour and remain yours, forever.

So, what are you planning to do on your next date?

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