If Money Heist Was Made In India, These Bollywood Actors Would Ace The Characters

Kanupriya  |  Sep 6, 2021

Bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao ciao ciao… You know where we are getting with this, right? We watched the first part of Money Heist Season 5 on September 3 and OMG, we’re stunned! After binge-watching all the five episodes in one go, we cannot wait to find out what will happen next. Will the professor and his gang meet a dead end? Will the cops lose it bad this time as well? Will he survive? Is she really dead? So. Many Questions! Don’t worry, we are not going to give you any spoilers. But, we will tell you that its climax is going to leave you breathless and that you should watch it STAT.

Apart from all the adrenaline rush, season 5 will also make you nostalgic. It is the beginning of the end and the second part that will release in October will be the last time we will see the gang together. While we do not know if their heist will be successful, we do know that we are not ready to say goodbye yet. We need more and so do you— and we know exactly what can make us all happy RN. How about an Indian remake of the show? Now that would be epic! Intrigued? Then scroll ahead.

9 Bollywood Actors Who Will Be Perfect In Desi Money Heist

Well, it’s time to put the casting director’s hat on because we have found the perfect Indian cast of our very own desi Money Heist. These Bollywood actors would nail it as the lead characters of the show. Take a look:

Shah Rukh Khan As The Professor

There is a reason why The Professor is one of the best characters we have ever seen. He is smart to a fault, confident yet awkward, strategic yet compassionate and strong yet vulnerable. He is the perfect mix of all the worlds and Alvaro Morte has done a fantastic job with this character. You need a terrific actor to play the role of such a complex man who has multiple personalities in him. That’s why we think that Shah Rukh Khan can ace this character perfectly. He has that experience and charm, and we already know that the Don actor can do both, negative and positive roles, brilliantly.

Alia Bhatt As Tokyo

Alia Bhatt’s character in Gully Boy is quite similar to Tokyo. Both the ladies want to be free in life, love passionately and are rebels. They are strong AF and will do whatever they want to do. That is why we think that it is Alia who should play Tokyo in the Indian version of Money Heist.

Ananya Panday As Stockholm

Stockholm aka Monica was never into killing and crimes. She fell in love with a criminal and joined his world to be with him. That says a lot about her character. She is soft, compassionate, but also a badass when need be. We think Ananya Panday would be a perfect pick for this role as she’s equal parts sweet and savage.

Siddhant Chaturvedi As Denver

We have two reasons to believe that Siddhant Chaturvedi will be a perfect pick for the role of Denver—A) He will have amazing chemistry with Ananya who would play Monica and B) His smile. Denver has a unique smile that shows his innocence despite being a criminal. We see something similar in Siddhant’s smile as well.

Ayushmann Khurrana As Berlin

Just like The Professor, Berlin is quite a complex character. He is intelligent, passionate and romantic. The sincere and poetic side of Ayushmann Khurrana’s personality makes us believe that he would justify Berlin’s character completely.

Radhika Apte As Nairobi

“Let the matriarchy begin!” We can totes imagine Radhika Apte saying this dialogue. If The Professor was the brain of the heist, Nairobi was the heart. She was the one who kept everyone sane and that’s why everyone relied on her. We think Radhika can pull off a Nairobi easily.

Ishaan Khatter As Rio

Rio is a sweetheart who loves to get mischievous at times. We think Ishaan Khatter will look super cute as Rio. He can be serious, funny and lovable at the same time.

Priyanka Chopra As Raquel

If SRK is the one who can ace the role of The Professor, then it is Priyanka Chopra who must play the role of Raquel. We have already seen their chemistry in Don and it would be amazing to see something similar once again. She can play the perfect cop who can catch the mastermind behind the heist.

Pankaj Tripathi As Arturo

We love Pankaj Tripathi and we would love to hate him as Arturo. TBH, he is the only actor who can play this annoying character with perfection. He can be funny without even trying and be the ultimate game-changer on the show.

So fam, which Bollywood actors do you think should be a part of the desi Money Heist?

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