Ditch The Messy Bun And Try Out These Stunning, Vintage Hairstyles In 2021

retro hairstyles to try in 2021

If you're stuck in a hairstyle rut, do what we do: take inspiration from the past! Hair trends, like fashion and makeup, are cyclical and the 'dos from the past often make a reappearance. That being said, there are some hairstyles, cuts, and colours we aren't too keen on seeing any time soon (think asymmetric cuts). To give you some major inspiration, we've sifted through years of hairstyle trends and put together the ones we've seen making the rounds this year.

These Are The Coolest Retro Hairstyles We Would Wear In 2021

'20s Hollywood Deep Wave

Hairstylist Justine Marjan puts together this dreamy deep-set Hollywood wave using a straightening iron and some regular hair clips and we must say, it looks amazing! The trick here to nailing the look involves thoroughly combing your hair to loosen the curls. This gives your curls a softer look. Spritz some shine spray and you're good to go! 


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'30s Fluffy Lobs

The 1930s were all about voluminous fluffy waves and finger coiled curls set using hair rollers. For a modern take on the trend, we recommend adding a side twist to your hairstyle and stacking on some barrettes. It'll open up your face, allowing your makeup to compliment your hairstyle, rather than your 'do taking centre stage.


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'40s Half Updo

The '40s were all about postponing hair wash days as far as one could, thanks to the fact that women mostly got their hair washed and styled at salons as often as they could afford to. This led to them maximizing accessories to make their hair work. Check out this tutorial for the ultimate '40s look, curls and all. The trick here is to zap frizz, which involves sectioning hair, spraying hairspray liberally, and then combing it with a hairbrush. Then you can go ahead and twist and secure your hair in place with a bobby pin or haircomb. 


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50's Soft Curls

In the '50s, stars like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn set the tone when it came to beauty. As a result, wearing your hair short with ample volume and soft curls became a trend. Their hairstyles can be translated to modern-day fashion simply by throwing on a scarf, bandana or even a beret hat. All you need to recreate the look is a 1 or 1.5-inch curling iron and some clips to hold your curls in place while they set.

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'60s Flipped Out Finish

From Kim Kardashian to Gigi Hadid, everyone's wearing their hairstyles flipped out. Whether you like to wear your hair in a high pony or just open, this simple '60s flip adds a cutesy touch to your look. Pair it with a leather headband or some blingy clips. To get the look, use a larger curling barrel to flip out the ends of your hair!

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'90s Tiny Twin Braids

Center parting your hair and wearing the front portion in braided tendrils is a '90s trend we're seeing everywhere right now. Our favourite part of this trend? It can easily be worn with your hair loose or even with a sleek bun (thank you for the lesson, Bella Hadid). If you're feeling adventurous, add on a few beads into your braid or a coloured cord instead of a hair tie.


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'00s Reverse Ombre Hair Colour

The early aughts reverse ombre made a serious comeback, thanks to celebrities like Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish. To nail this hair colour trend, make sure your roots are lighter coloured than your ends. Simply put, this ombre is a reversed one, it means you need to regularly retouch your roots and give the rest of your mane ample care to keep frizz at bay!


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Have you tried any of these vintage hairstyles? Let us know in the comments! 

Featured image: Instagram