Ditch The Messy WFH Buns! 5 Chic Ways You Can Upgrade A Regular Ponytail

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Happiness is...when your ponytail looks perfect!

A ponytail is the perfect no-nonsense hairdo that basically takes ten seconds to master. Just comb your hair, pull all your hair back and tie 'em up. And no matter how much you love keeping your hair open, you have to admit that tieing all your hair feels freeing and amazing.

And if you a girl who loves her ponytails, then why not give it and #InstaWorthy makeover? After all, who said that ponytails have to be boring?

Amazing Ponytail Hairstyles

Time to bring out your hair styling tools as it's time for a ponytail makeover. Why just tie your hair the old-fashioned way when you can do so much more. Intrigued? Keep reading!

(B)Raid This Hairdo Already


This braided ponytail is perfect if you have unruly or super curly hair. Instead of braiding your hair the mundane way (from the bottom), tie your hair in a firm ponytail and start braiding. Not only does this look super chic, but don't you love the #BossBabe vibes it's giving?

Just don't forget to apply red lipstick and you're sure to make heads turn!


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Pipe It Up


If you thought that you cannot do fun things with your straight hair, then you thought wrong. We love this unique take on a simple hairdo and TBH, we're totally recreating this for our next brunch date with our gal pals.

To recreate this:

- First, tie your hair in a ponytail.

- Next, gather your hair and start braiding. But instead of dividing your hair into three sections, divide it into six.

- Do not worry about it consuming half your time as you only have to braid it a few times (not till the end of your hair), enough to create a fun, spiral pattern on your hair.

-Once done, tie your hair with another hair tie.

Let's Make A Mess


The best way to add instant volume to your hair is via messy hair. Just section your hair and create subtle waves using a hair curler.

- Once your hair is a mess like your life, tie them in a ponytail.

- After tightening your hair, run your hand in your hair to add more volume. A volumising hairspray always works.

- Finally to add a little cute factor, pull out a strand of hair or two out front.


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The Good 'Ol Ponytail With A *Twist*


Where my lazy AF peeps at?! This twisty hairstyle will hardly take a few minutes to do but you bet you'll be getting compliments all day long. To recreate this...

- Tie your hair in a ponytail like you always do.

- Next, take a hair cutler and start curling your hair. 

- Once done, take all your hair and start curling them using your hand. Instead of taking different sections, curl all of them in one direction.

And you're done. You can also add hair accessories to give it a classy update.

Crimp It Up


Want to flaunt a #RunawayApproved hairdo at your next night out? Then this is what you need to recreate next!

- Comb your hair thoroughly and part your hair from the middle or the side.

- Next, using a crimping hair tool, start crimping your hair from the bottom to where you'd normally tie your hair. Do not crimp your entire hair as it'll look really weird when you tie your hair.

- Finally, tie your hair and do not forget to pair it with statement earrings.


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When feeling sad, tie your hair in a ponytail and attack!

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