6 Ways To Get Salon-Like Hairstyle For A Date Night With Your Bae At Home!

6 Ways To Get Salon-Like Hairstyle For A Date Night With Your Bae At Home!

Months into this quarantine life and I have actually started liking it! I get to be in PJs all day long, skip official video meetings citing bad network issues, and most importantly, spend a hell lot of time with my partner! I’ll be honest and accept that initially it got a little boring with no-going-out date nights and outings but then I thought, why not have some fun at home? I can always have a romantic date night with my bae and even get ready for the perfect night right at home! 

If I can bake a cake all by myself then I can definitely wear a full face of makeup for the date at home. And as far as styling my hair is concerned, I have hardly given it too much thought since I bought Philips ThermoProtect Straightener. From straightening to styling, this product has been one of my most genius purchases to date and I can’t wait to tell you how. 

So, enough of the pep talk ladies as it’s time to revamp your love life! Here are some tried and tested hair styling tips that will make you believe that you’re attending a red carpet and not just a date night. Best part? It’s all DIY so no stress of going out and no, you don’t have to spend a fortune but only Rs. 3,695 one time to buy the magical Philips ThermoProtect Straightener from Amazon. So let’s get started and bring your salon at home!

Prep Your Hair Well


Before you start with the styling, prep your hair. There are a lot of ways to do that. Some of the most common ones include oiling your hair with essential oils (I prefer argan oil) for at least 20 minutes before you shampoo. Also, you can apply a little bit of aloe vera gel on wet hair and rinse it after 5 minutes. This method helps tame my frizziness and gives a natural shine to my hair. A lot of people even swear by applying serum on the hair-ends before they shampoo. Choose your prepping method that suits your hair the best!

Repeat After Me - Air Dry NOT Blow Dry

How do you plan on enjoying the perks of being at home if you’re not even utilising all the time in the world to stay lazy? What’s the hurry to dry your hair using a blow dryer? Nothing! Just let it air dry naturally. Give your fragile wet hair the break it so dearly needs. Blow-drying your hair might be an easier and less time-consuming method but it makes your hair really weak and damaged.

But my hair will stay all frizzy if I allow it to air dry,” No, it won’t. You can apply hair serum while your hair is wet to avoid any frizziness when it dries. Also, remember the magical tool I told you about? As soon as your hair dries completely (okay, that might take time), simply use Philips ThermoProtect Straightener. That’s what I do when I need to straighten my hair effortlessly and quickly. Works perfectly every time! The plates have keratin ceramic coating that helps the straightener glide smoothly through the hair. Also, the straighter is infused with ionic conditioning technology that will retain the natural shine of your hair. I simply love how glossy my hair looks every time I use this brilliant product!

Choose Your Tool

So, a lot of people have different opinions about this and they like to go for different hair products for different purposes. It might work for them but I, personally, like to go for products that have multiple benefits. Instead of buying a flat-iron, curling rod, and hair rollers separately, I like to go for a single product that can do all kinds of styling that I need. 

If you are someone like me, then you need to try out Philips ThermoProtect Straightener STAT. You can straighten your hair with this single product as well as curl it (more details below). It has six different temperature options (from 160 degrees to 230 degrees). I generally stick to 180 degrees when I’m going for a natural straightened look. However, when I want poker-straight hair, I choose 230 degrees. Don’t worry, it’s not going to damage your hair as it comes with Silk ProCare technology. It will automatically prevent overheating and distribute heat evenly all over your hair. And, this goes for curly hair too! Yes, it makes everyone happy :)

Messy Bun


A lot of people think that a messy bun is apt just when you’re trying a casual look but that’s so not true! From Victoria Beckham to Blake Lively, celebrities have proved from time and again that a messy bun hairstyle can rock red carpet looks and make you look ravishing! 

First, tie a bun imperfectly and wait till all the loose strands fall out. Then, take sections of those strands, twist them up roughly, and start tucking them in your bun. You don’t have to be a perfectionist and you can also use bobby pins. Once all the strands are tucked in, ruffle it just a little and you are done. Pair this hairstyle with scarlet lips and you are going to look so rad!

Pro tip: You can allow two strands to fall on both sides of your face as they give a better shape. Use Philips ThermoProtect Straightener and give the end of those strands an inward curve.


If you are someone who has a lot of volume in your hair, then a) I envy you and b) fishtail is so your thing! It is versatile and so evergreen. If you don’t believe me, you can take some tips from Alia Bhatt herself! 

I would suggest going for a side fishtail and whether you want to keep it messy or perfect is completely your choice. Also, if you are worried a good amount of hair will take forever to get into braids, here’s the suggestion - tame it a little with Philips ThermoProtect Straightener. Its ceramic plates can easily straighten a good amount of hair in just one go and give you the smooth finish you are looking for.

Beach Waves


There are so many things you can do with your hair once you have styled them with beachy waves. You can leave your hair open, tie them in a loose ponytail, clip them on the sides using bobby pins, or even pair with a headwrap. Honestly, this one is a personal favourite!

The fun part is, you do not need a curler for this. Here is the simple process of how you can use Philips ThermoProtect Straightener to give some waves to your hair. Start straightening your hair from near the roots and roll your straightener while moving down till the ends. Wrap the strand of your hair around the plates and let it get smoothly pulled out once you have straightened the entire strand. Give your hair a little ruffle and you are good to go!

Well, wasn’t that easy? Try these easy tricks on your date night and let us know how it goes. And, if you are single, try these hairstyles and add a heavy dose of aesthetic to ‘Gram right away!

 Featured Image: Unsplash

*This is a sponsored post for Philips