#ExpertApproved: 3 Ways To Get Your Glow On With A Good 'Ol Toner!

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When it comes to following a skincare regimen, there are so many possibilities. You can follow a basic (but super effective) CTM routine or add a few more steps to it because great skin will always be in! No matter how many products you layer your skin with, using a moisturizer, toner and sunscreen is a must.

We got in touch with Amanda Bell, Global Director of Education and Artistry at PIXI who shared her valuable tips on how one can easily get the sunkissed glow using a toner in three amazing ways.

Time To Tone And Glow

A toner is such an underrated skincare product. A lot of people end up skipping this one very essential step, but don't! It helps remove traces of dirt and pollution from the skin, makes it glow, minimizes the appearance of pores and maintains the pH level of the skin.

And that's not all. This miraculous product can also give you the blinding glow you've always dreamt of. Let's find out how! 


"Use an active toner with an exfoliating ingredient" is what Amanda Bell suggests. She added that-- "This will improve the texture of the skin and reveal fresher and brighter skin, follow with a toner which has humectants and is super hydrating and this will make the skin look super dewy/glowy."


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Misting Your Toner

We've all used facial mists to refresh and rejuvenate our skin from time to time, right? And if you are a fan of facial mists, then you're going to love this expert tip!

"Decant some of your hydrating toners into a misting bottle, refrigerate for half an hour and then mist whenever you feel that your skin needs a boost and spritz liberally for a thirst quenched skin that looks fresh and super hydrated," shared Amanda. 


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Ice It

Using an ice cube on your face is an excellent way to depuff the skin. It also makes your skin glow and adds a pink tint to your cheeks. Now Amanda suggests we take it a step further by bringing a toner to the mix. 

"Take a clean ice cube tray and pour your favourite toner into it and freeze for an hour. Once frozen, pop a cube out into a clean muslin cloth or cotton handkerchief and sweep across the face for the ultimate pick-me-up! My favourite toner to do this with is a tonic that is rich in Vitamin C," she revealed. 

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Now that you have a beauty expert vouching for it, are you ready to add this miracle in a bottle to your skincare regimen?

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