The Future Smells Good: Why Buy Perfume Bottles When We Have Perfume Capsules?

The Future Smells Good: Why Buy Perfume Bottles When We Have Perfume Capsules?

A few years ago, science-fiction artist, Lucy McCrae, teamed up with a synthetic biologist, Sheref Mansy, to create a perfume capsule called "swallowable parfum". On swallowing the cosmetic pill, a unique scent emits through perspiration. It is designed to treat people who are suffering from a compulsive sweating disorder called hyperhidrosis. Don't believe us? Watch the promotional video and then let's chat!

This futuristic idea could probably solve odour issues someday. However, it's still in a work-in-process phase. Also, if this perfume pill does become part of our reality, the scent will differ from person to person. It will take into account one's body temperature, lifestyle, stress levels and diet. Even though the product sounds too good to be true, we can't help but wonder that if it were to exist, would there be any side effects involved. As of today, there is no product launch date fixed yet.

However, there's another perfume capsule that shares a similar ideology. It doesn't have to be consumed internally, but can be applied externally on the skin. All you have to do is pinch, pull and snap it!

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This capsule looks similar to a serum capsule, but, it isn't. It's a perfume capsule! The first of its kind in India, these perfume capsules are purely oil-based and are made from the finest, Japanese aromas. Also, the product leaves behind no stains after use. It's safe to use on both - the body and clothing.

If you're wondering whether the capsules are eco-friendly, know that they are 100% biodegradable. The moment you chuck them into the bin, the perfume capsules then react with the micro-organisms and, they get consumed and absorbed by them. Each tiny capsule is made from high-quality gelatine. Interestingly, the same material is used in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Plus, the capsule's gelatin material does not react with the perfume scent. 

Come to think of it, it's amazing to see how far technology has advanced. Instead of carrying perfume bottles around which aren't always eco-friendly, we now can carry a few perfume capsules with us in our bags or pockets. 

While we may not have swallowable perfumes yet, we certainly do have an alternative to it. Not only will these tiny but adorable capsules save space in your bag, but they will also make your smell great and protect the environment as well! 

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