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Sun Glasses for Round Face Shape
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Finding the right kind of sunglasses that suit your face shape can be a massive feat. Where does one begin? For starters, the plethora of information on the subject is all confusing, or seems so when one is endlessly browsing the internet for that one perfect pair! To make things easier, we got around to listing down things one by one, this time beginning with the best sunglasses for women with round face shape. Here are a few things to remember if you are on the lookout for sunglasses for round face—angular frames are a clear winner for they highlight your best features; there are a couple of vintage types you can opt for and of course, the first thing to do is to determine your face type which requires measuring. All of that and more is what you will find further on, ranging from the best picks to frequently asked questions and related topics that you may delve into further. So ready to take a deep dive into the types of sunglasses suitable for round face

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    Types of Sunglasses For Round Face Product
    Rectangle Glasses Grey Mainlink Rectangular Sunglasses
    Square Sunglasses Green Square Sunglasses
    Hexagon Sunglasses Vincent Chase Polarized
    Car-Eye Sunglasses Black Polarized Cat eye Sunglasses
    Wayfarers Fallon Colby
    Aviators Steve Madden
    Butterfly Sunglasses Opium
    Bold Frame Sunglasses Mango

    Rectangle Sunglasses

    Angles work best when looking for frames that will suit the given face type, meaning when browsing for shades for round face, one cannot overlook the versatile rectangular frames. Not only does it give a sleek, edgy look that will frame your face effectively, but the geometrical version will pair well with just about anything. From brunches or work events and all that lies in between, there’s no going back from these sleek iterations. 

    Grey Mainlink Rectangular Sunglasses
    INR 6,071 AT Tata Cliq

    Comprising a steel grey lens, these rectangular framed sunglasses in black are what you should be adding to the cart if you are planning to go all out for maximum impact. As we said, it doesn’t really get more versatile than this!

    Square Sunglasses

    Another version to take into account is similar, though not the same, square frame. In theory, it does the same job as rectangular versions do, but for those who like to keep it even more symmetrical in terms of appearance, this is a safe bet. Further, you can also experiment with the shape, opting for sunglasses that play around with edges and corners. 


    Green Square Sunglasses
    INR 1,399 AT Tata Cliq

    Featuring a distinctive colour that can’t go unmissed, in both the lens and the frames, these chic offerings are completely on-point as sunglasses for women with round face shape.

    Hexagon Sunglasses

    Yet another offering in angular frames is the hexagon-shaped iteration. As we have already established, angled frames work best for a round face, balancing the overall look to give way to an appealing appearance. To take it a step ahead, shop for a hexagonal frame that focuses on the details. Think a touch of metallic, a tinted lens and intricately done frame, amongst others.

    Vincent Chase
    Gold Black Brown Gradient Full Rim Hexagonal Vincent Chase Polarized Sunglasses
    INR 999 AT Lenskart

    The ideal sunglasses for round face, this striking pair comprises a gradient effect in an otherwise black look, also incorporating gold detailing on the edges and the very crucial UV protection. 

    Cat-Eye Sunglasses

    Looking to make a splash but don’t know the kind of sunnies to pick? We recommend going the non-conformist route with a pair of cat-eye sunglasses. Chic and never not in style, these are the best kind of sunglasses for women with round face shape. From wearing them to a work event to simply soaking up the sun during a long walk, all whilst keeping your eyes safe from the glare, the cat-eye sunglasses tick all the boxes in terms of fashion and utility.

    Daniel Klein
    Black Polarized Cat eye Sunglasses
    INR 1,320 AT Tata Cliq

    Cat-eye they may be, but these frames have a defined angle to them, courtesy those sharp edges that are bound to work well for your face type. The gold metal frame adds a touch of sophistication, the UV protected lenses ensuring that your eyes are safeguarded from the sun without the colour being distorted. 


    First created and brought to the scene in 1956, wayfarers are one of the most iconic accessories to own. Though originally designed by Bausch & Lomb, they are now available for shopping under a number of brands. Their frame is best suited for those with a round face type, making them a popular choice amongst those looking for an alternative to the usual. A flexible option, this is one find that you can pair with your semi-formal and casual attires alike. 

    Fallon Colby
    Transparent Golden White Sky Blue Mirror Full Rim Wayfarer Fallon Colby Sunglasses
    INR 589 AT Lenskart

    Vibrant, colourful and fun, these are all you need to upgrade your fashion game in a jiffy. Not only do the white and blue wayfarers come as the perfect sunglasses for round face, but they are also an impeccable accessory when it comes to making a statement. 


    Not that these tried-and-tested stellar offerings need any introduction, but let’s try nonetheless. If sharp and smart are on the cards for you, aviators are the best bet; they have an edge to them and when it comes to a round face, they work perfectly. Needless to say, aviators are one of the best-suited shades for round face. The sunnies were first developed by Bausch & Lomb in 1936 for high-flying pilots, which also lent them the name ‘pilot’s glasses’.

    Steve Madden
    Aviator UV Protected Sunglasses
    INR 1,504 AT Myntra

    UV protected and complete with an orange-hued tint that’s as distinct as it gets, these aviators by Steve Madden are one you can cop right away, ready to be styled with your winter wardrobe. 

    Butterfly Sunglasses

    As the name suggests, this category of shades is reminiscent of a butterfly, hence deriving their name directly from it. With a feminine appeal to them, these shades impart a vintage look, one that fits a round shape and works in an endlessly versatile manner. 

    Grey Butterfly Sunglasses
    INR 2,280 AT Tata Cliq

    Subtle and classic, this elegant pair from Opium stands out from the crowd, its tinted lenses and the relatively bright frame complete with a full rim. Not super-angled, these are a must-have for anyone looking for modest yet striking sunglasses for round face. 

    Bold Frame Sunglasses

    And we saved the best for the last. In terms of the size and design, you will agree that a bold frame, think vivid colours, patterns, prints and more, made a huge impact. When looking to shop the perfect glares, don’t miss out on getting yourself a fair share of these scene-stealing iterations as well. Trust us, they work just fine!

    Oversized Sunglasses
    INR 1,434 AT Myntra

    Comprising UV protection, this accessory featuring the classic leopard print is one that should be on your radar. The best-suited oversized sunglasses for round face, these are ones that will work wonders for your closet. 


    Here's taking a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about sunglasses for round face. 

    How can one correctly identify the shape of their face?

    The width of your forehead, cheekbone, jawline and the length of your face determines the shape of it. To put things into perspective, first measure the above using a measuring tape. You can do this exercise in front of a mirror for precision. The angles of your face also weigh in. For instance in a round face, one of the designing characteristics is that the length and the breadth of the face are essentially the same. Apart from this, the forehead is rounder around the hairline and jawline too, has a round appeal, imparting an overall circular look to your face. 

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    Which shapes of sunglasses is best-suited for a round face?

    Balance is key when it comes to looking for a frame that suits your face. When looking for sunglasses for round face, you ought to find the shades that bring a balance to your look. Oversized frames do that, as do wayfarers. In terms of shapes, angular frames bring about structure to your appearance, meaning geometrical versions such as rectangular, square and other symmetrical ones are all welcome accessories. 

    What are the current fashion trends in sunglasses for round face shape?

    Cat-eye and geometric frames have been on the international runways of Victoria Beckham and Off-White respectively, while embellished versions with pearls and crystals have been vouched for by Gucci and Valentino. Additionally, you may also like to opt for the reliable and always in vogue aviators, luxury brands such Celine and Stella McCartney making a case for them, ideal as sunglasses for women with round face shape.

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