The Perfect Sunglasses For Your Hairstyle!

The Perfect Sunglasses For Your Hairstyle!
Many of us buy sunglasses according to the shape of our face, but very few people actually factor in the hairstyle they’re sporting. How your hair frames your face makes a big difference on the kind of sunglasses that suit your face. And to help you pick the right kind, we sought the expertise of Amazon Fashion to for 5 types of sunglasses that suit different hairstyles!

1. The Smart Aleck

sunglasses to suit your hairstyle. 1

For mid-length curly hair, opt for aviators since they perfectly compliment those curls. You could also pair them with a top bun for the ultimate chic look. Moreover, aviators are the kind of versatile sunglasses that suit almost every face shape and every hairstyle that goes with it!

2. In Rebellionsunglasses to suit your hairstyle. 2


If you have short hair (a bob or a lob) and you’re looking to make your face look less round, opt for oversized sunglasses. They cover wide cheekbones and make your face look smaller (in comparison to the sunglasses).  

3. Girly Girl

sunglasses to suit your hairstyle. 3

For long wavy hair, rectangular frames work best as they counter the elongating effects of your tresses. If you have an oval shape and long hair that makes your face look even longer, rectangular frames are just the fit for you. Avoid oversized frames since they will hide most of your face (something that long locks already do!).

4. Catty Patty

sunglasses to suit your hairstyle. 4

If you have hair that lacks volume and a face that is narrow, cat eye sunglasses help add height and width to your face. You could opt for highly accessorized and detailed temples for an extra bit of width and the illusion of “more” on your face to make up for the lack of hair volume.

5. Squared Out!

sunglasses to suit your hairstyle. 5

If you have a layered haircut and/or bangs, square sunglasses make the perfect partner! Your bangs will end right at the rim of the square and the bottom bit of the rim adds definition to your face.

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