Winter Is Coming: Protect Your Hair From The Cold By Following These Hair Care Tips

Winter Is Coming: Protect Your Hair From The Cold By Following These Hair Care Tips

It’s that time of the year again when we say goodbye to the scorching summer heat and monsoon humidity and say hello to shorter days and cool winds. But while sweater weather is the most-loved season, it does come with a few beauty concerns and no, it is not just limited to your skin. While you may have already changed your skincare routine to match the winter season, your hair care regimen needs an update too.

Skin tends to get drier during winter and the same goes for your hair as well. The drop in temperature can make your hair brittle, dry and even lead to an increase in hair fall but this doesn’t mean you need to dread the change in climate and temperature. We’ve noted down a few common winter hair issues and what you need to do to avoid them this winter.

Say Goodbye To Bad Hair Days

Whether you’re dealing with a bad case of dandruff, split ends, or other scalp-related dilemmas, don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. We’ve noted down the top 6 common winter hair issues and how to solve them.

Brittle Strands


Dry and brittle strands are one of the most popular hair issues during winter. Due to the lack of moisture in the air, it can leave your hair looking lifeless and dull.

Solution: Now’s the time to make hair masks, deep conditioners and even a moisturising spray your BFF if you haven’t already. These products will give your hair the moisture it lacks and leaves it looking bouncy, shiny and soft. It’s also beneficial to steer clear of your straightening or curling iron as the heat can cause more damage.


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Itchy Scalp


Just like your skin tends to get dry and flaky during winter, so does your scalp which leads to itchiness and an increase in dandruff. But unlike your skin, just layering on a moisturising cream is not going to help. Not treating an itchy scalp can lead to dandruff, flakes, and even hair fall.

Solution: In order to treat a dry and itchy scalp you need to introduce moisturising hair products with gentle formulas into your hair care routine -- this includes everything from your shampoo to conditioner to hair creams. Other than changing your products, you also need to apply hair oil every week and wash your hair only once or twice a week.

Skin Care

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Matted & Tangled Hair


Nobody likes dealing with hair knots or tangled hair, we're not going to lie -- sometimes we wake up to hair that looks like a bird’s nest. Well, thanks to your hoodies and scarfs, tangled hair is unavoidable.

Solution: If you want to avoid looking like you haven’t combed your hair in days, you’ll need to upgrade your hair styling game. Instead of letting your hair run loose and free, tie it in a bun or braid it to avoid this winter-hair disaster.


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Increase In Frizz


Ahh…frizzy hair, every curly hair girl’s year-round problem and straight-hair girls’ winter disasters. Frizzy or even static hair is unavoidable during sweater weather but lucky for you there are ways you can avoid it.

Solution: To avoid this hair disaster first, do not leave your house with wet locks. Make sure your hair is thoroughly dry and moisturised before venturing out. Second, minimize your usage of heat styling tools and third, use a microfibre towel to dry your hair.


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Split Ends


To avoid split ends, it’s important to get your hair trimmed after every six months. If you’re still sceptical about visiting the parlour due to the on-going pandemic, you can take matters into your own hands and follow a DIY method. You can also use bio-oil on the ends to keep them moisturised and soft.



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This winter, show off your healthy, bouncy hair by incorporating these tips into your beauty routine.

Featured Image: Pexels