Add the Fizz To Beat The Frizz: Here's How To Include Beer Into Your Haircare Routine

Add the Fizz To Beat The Frizz: Here's How To Include Beer Into Your Haircare Routine

Beer is probably the yummiest and happiest drink out there. Compared to other drinks, beer is more nutritious as it contains protein, iron, calcium, phosphates, fibre and vitamin B. In fact even your heart is fond of it as it keeps it safe from strokes and diseases. Also, beer helps to reduce stress and improve memory too. Provided that you maintain a healthy balance and don't drink too much - this fizzy drink can do wonders for your health. Another reason why beer deserves more credit is because of its versatility. It's not only meant for consumption but can be used as a hair cleanser or a conditioner as well. So ladies, do NOT chuck that flat beer down the drain, carry it with you to the bathroom instead! Before we tell you how to include beer into your hair care routine, allow us to enlighten you with the benefits of beer for hair. 

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    Benefits of Beer From A Haircare POV

    Did you know that beer contains a mineral called silica? Yep, it does! In fact, silica is also present in hair supplements too and does a fine job at adding volume and thickness to the hair. Making it glossy and shiny, beer also improves the texture of the hair making it soft and oh-so-silky. Here are some more beer benefits for hair that you can try! 


    • If you have dry, brittle or damaged hair, take a break from using commercial shampoos and opt for beer instead. The malts and hops contain protein and Vitamin B9 that help treat, heal and repair damaged locks. 
    • Without drying your mane out, beer helps to maintain the pH level in the scalp. 
    • Let's say if you make a hair mask by using honey and beer and massage the mix all over your scalp, this is bound to stimulate blood circulation and boost hair growth. 
    • Another thing that makes hair cuticles tight and strong is maltose and sucrose in the beer. 
    • Beer is extremely gentle on the scalp and won't strip your hair from its natural oil. You can mix your regular shampoo with beer to wash your hair. If you want to use it as a conditioner that can be possible too. Mix the flat beer with olive oil and apply to your strands. This will make your hair super soft and fluffy!

    How To Wash Your Hair With Beer

    Washing hair with beer can do miracles. So, silky, glossy hair - here we come!

    Step 1: Open a bottle of beer and keep it outside for the whole night. 

    Step 2: Wash your hair with shampoo and later follow it up with conditioner. 


    Step 3: After conditioning, pour the flat beer on the scalp and massage for a few mins. Allow this to sit in your hair for 15-20 minutes.

    Step 4: Wash your hair with lukewarm water.

    Step 5: Use an old t-shirt to dry your hair. 

    Beer Masks With Natural Ingredients For Hair Growth

    Mixing beer with other natural ingredients can help you make the ultimate hair product! Here's how to use beer for hair growth by mixing it with natural ingredients and making some easy DIY beer hair mask.

    • Apple Cider Is Love
    • Fancy An Egg
    • A Hair Mask That's Berry Delicious
    • Onion Juice Has Superpowers
    • Good Old Jojoba Oil

    1. Apple Cider Is Love

    If you're into deep cleansing then mixing apple cider with beer is like the best thing you can do for hair growth. From product buildup to just cleansing oily roots in general, this natural hair mask will cleanse your scalp like pro! Before we forget, remember to do twice a month. 

    Step 1: Mix flat beer with 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar in a glass.

    Step 2: Stir well using a spoon or a popsicle stick.  

    Step 3: Pour the mix on your hair after shampooing your locks. 

    Step 4: Massage your scalp and let the mix stay on for a good 15 minutes. 

    Step 5: Wash with lukewarm water. 

    2. Fancy An Egg?


    Why eggs, you ask? Simply because eggs are a rich source of protein and fatty acids. If applied directly to the hair and scalp, it can moisturise and nourish weak strands from root to tip. Another ingredient you can add along with flat beer for hair growth is avocado oil. Try this mask once a week every month and we bet, you'll see a tremendous difference. 

    Step 1: In a bowl, pour the yolk of 2 eggs. 

    Step 2: Drizzle a bit of avocado oil. 

    Step 3: Pour a cup of flat beer and stir till you're left with a frothy mix.

    Step 4: Starting from the roots to the tips, apply the egg and beer hair mask with a brush (if you fancy). 

    Step 5: Keep it on for 30-40 minutes. 

    Step 6: Wash the mask off with cold water. 

    3. A Hair Mask That's Berry Delicious

    If you've lived with oily and greasy hair for all your life and no shampoo has worked for your hair type, a hair mask with strawberry puree and flat beer will do the trick. The best part is that both these ingredients are available at the market! Do this once every 2 weeks for best results. 

    Step 1: Toss 3-4 large strawberries into the mixer. 

    Step 2: Pour the puree into a bowl. 

    Step 3: Add flat beer to it and stir well. 

    Step 4: Apply the mix to your strands and scalp and keep it on for a good 45 minutes.

    Step 5: Wash the mask off with cool water and later shampoo and then condition. 

    4. Onion Juice Has Superpowers

    Onion juice is loaded with sulfur and guess what? It supports strong, thick and glossy hair. When teamed with beer, it can make your hair go from drab to fab! We recommend you do this once a month for positive results! 

    Step 1: Dice two onions into tiny cubes and throw them into a mixer. 

    Step 2: Pour the juice into a bowl, add a tablespoon of coconut oil and a cup of beer. 

    Step 3: Appy the mix all over your scalp and hair. 

    Step 4: Put a shower cap on and wait for 30 minutes. 

    Step 5: Wash the mask off with chilled water. 

    5. Good Old Jojoba Oil

    When hair is dry and appears lifeless, it needs one thing and that's moisture. Jojoba has all the good stuff such as Vitamin C, B and E, zinc and copper, that's essential for hair growth. When mixed with flat beer to form a hair product, it becomes an amazing hair conditioner. Make sure that you apply this mix this mask to your hair at least once a month. 

    Step 1: Add 3 tablespoons of jojoba oil into a bowl. 

    Step 2: Pour a cup of warm flat beer into the bowl. 

    Step 3: Use a spoon to stir and mix the two ingredients. 

    Step 4: After shampooing your hair, use this mix as a conditioner.

    Step 5: After 40 minutes, wash the mask off with lukewarm water.  

    Things To Keep In Mind

    While beer is an excellent ingredient to add into your hair care routine, you may want to use it cleverly. If you cleanse your hair with beer too often it's going to dry your hair out. Hence, the key here is to balance it all out. These pointers may come across as tips and reminders, but they're basically tiny reminders for you to keep in mind when you use beer for hair growth. 

    • Never use fresh beer to wash your hair, always flat beer. 
    • Due to the alcohol content, beer can dry your hair out and make it fluffy and frizzy. To avoid this from happening, try to use beer as a hair mask, conditioner or shampoo no more than once a week. 
    • If your hair is oily and greasy, mix beer with strawberry puree to cleanse greasy scalp and roots. 
    • To add more moisturising benefits to beer, team it up with oils like jasmine, chamomile and jojoba.
    • Before using flat beer, make sure to boil it first so that the alcohol content evaporates.
    • Beer doesn't have any side effects as such, but before using it, you might want to check with a trichologist first.  


    1. Does beer help hair grow?

    The malt and hops in the beer have protein and vitamin B in them. Using beer as a hair mask will surely help to stimulate blood circulation and simultaneously boost hair growth. So yes, beer is good for hair growth. 

    2. Does beer make your hair lighter?

    You'll have to figure this one out on your own after you give this beauty experiment a shot. Responses from people seem mixed so you'll have to see if it works for you or not. Make a mix with lemon juice, beer and eggs. Coat your strands with this gooey paste. Wash hair off with chilled water. Tell us how it was! 

    3. Can beer be directly poured to your hair?

    No, beer can't be directly poured to your hair. If it's fresh, it has alcohol content in it that can easily dry strands out. Before you use it, you will have to leave it out overnight and boil the beer in the morning. 

    4. Is beer good for dandruff?

    Yes, since beer is rich in Vitamin B, it's perfect for dealing with dandruff when used as a conditioner. 

    5. Is beer good for curly hair?

    Yes! Beer is AMAZING for curly hair. Post rinsing, your curls will feel super soft, shiny and bouncy. 

    Now that you know all the wonderful things that beer does for your hair, would be keen on giving it a try? YES should be the answer 😉!

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