What's That Smell? 7 Reasons Why Your Hair Has A Funny Scent To It These Days

What's That Smell? 7 Reasons Why Your Hair Has A Funny Scent To It These Days

With nowhere to go and no one to meet during this pandemic, many of us have started to neglect ourselves. Facial hair, don't care. Messy hair, don't care. Dry skin, care to some extent. Smelly hair? Something definitely needs to be done about that! One of the signs of poor hygiene is smelly hair and a dirty scalp. Technically, hair has no smell. The hair products you use give it that scent. One sure way to know that your hair is indeed smelling funny is by running your fingers a few times through your hair and along your scalp. If you notice an unusual whiff coming from your fingers, well, that's it! It could be yeast, excess sebum, product buildup or entirely something different. Let's get to the root of the problem, shall we!

7 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Smelling Funny These Days

Remember, it's never too late to change your ways.

You're Not Washing Your Hair Often

This one seems like a no-brainer but it's one of the main reasons why your hair smells. In a week, you should ideally wash your hair 2-3 times or more. Anything less than that can cause sebum buildup on the scalp. Plus if you scratch your scalp, you'll notice that smelly, sticky gunk under your nails. Consider using a mild shampoo for cleansing and try to wash your hair every alternate day to keep the odour at bay.


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You've A Sweaty Scalp


Just how you would wash your body after a workout, the same rule applies to your hair as well. This needs to be done every time you sweat. If you skip the hair wash, the sweat will cause unwanted buildup on your scalp and can cause itchiness as well.

You're Using Smelly Scrunchies

When was the last time you washed your scrunchies? If you can't remember then it's about time you washed them. Since scrunchies spend most of their life on your hair, over time, they start to smell like your hair too. They absorb sweat and collect dirt and bacteria if not washed regularly. Even if your hair is clean, using an unwashed scrunchy will surely make your hair smell funny.

Solution: Twice a week, wash your everyday scrunchies with a fabric conditioner. You can always buy a set of new ones if you don't have time for that.


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Blame It On Dandruff!


Dandruff, especially during monsoons, is one of the reasons why your hair smells bad. When your scalp is dry or irritated, it starts to shed dead skin cells and that, over time, causes buildup on the scalp. To treat dandruff, you must be mindful about the haircare products you use. Stay away from products that contain parabens, silicones, dimethicone, alcohol, and toxic chemicals. Use products that contain tea tree oil, aloe vera, coconut oil, and apple cider vinegar to soothe the inflamed scalp.

You're Washing Your Hair With Extremely Hot Water

Having a hot water bath is relaxing for the mind, but not for the hair and skin. Piping hot water can dry out your hair and strip the scalp of its natural oils. Once the water gets rid of the important oils, your body signals the scalp to produce more oil. And where there is excess sebum, there's also odour. Wash your with lukewarm water instead.


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DIYs Gone Wrong?


The pandemic has encouraged many of us to experiment with the ingredients in our kitchen to make beauty products. No doubt DIYs save you money, but if not washed off properly, your hair and scalp can (and will) cause odour. Especially if you've used onions, mayonnaise, and eggs in your hair pack.

You're Stressed

The pandemic isn't easy for anyone. For some of us, stress has become a lifestyle and that itself is detrimental to one's health. You see, stress causes hormonal imbalances and can lead to excess sebum production and severe irritation in the scalp. Not to mention other health and mental health issues.

Self-care is important during these trying times. Just because you aren't stepping out often shouldn't mean that you slack in your haircare and skincare routine.

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