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Simple Eyebrow Hacks To Give You The Best Arches Of Your Life

Simple Eyebrow Hacks To Give You The Best Arches Of Your Life

Someone once said, "Brows are 99% of your selfie" and we couldn't agree more.

Brows are everything! Probably why there are so many brows products available in the market. From brows shavers to brow gels to pomades, you can literally so do many things to your brows.

The focus on having great brows is now more than ever because admit it, everyone wants their brows to be on fleek. Whether you're a fan of Cara Delevingne's bushy brows or those overly plucked that almost every pop star from the 90s was sporting- you can do so much with them. But remember to be extremely careful because your brows can make or break your look unless you're Jeffree Star

The idea is to have brows who at least look like sisters if not twins! And if you struggle with keeping your brows on fleek, then keep on reading.

How To Have The Best Brows Of Your Life

There are so many ways you can define your brows. The journey to getting the best brows ever begins with these simple changes and hacks. Get to know all about them below.

Grow Them Out

Your eyebrow lady can ruin your life faster than any man could and that's a fact. If you wish to undo her damage or just change your brows' shape, let them grow out. Let them thrive for a month and then you can get them threaded again.

One of the best ways to have fuller and thicker brows is by applying a mixture of castor olive oil to your brows twice a day.


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Choose The Right Products

Not every eyebrow product is meant for everybody. Keep these two things in mind before choosing a brow product for yourself:

1) The colour of your natural brows.

2) The purpose of the brow product.

Us Indians are thankfully blessed with dark, black brows but there are a lot of people who have brown hair too. Before choosing your brow product (pomade or pencil), make sure you choose a shade that's closest to your brows' natural hair otherwise all the attention would be on your brows...but for the wrong reasons.

Also, why do you need a brow product? To fill in gaps? To define them or just to set them in place? Choose the product wisely.


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Don't Experiment On Your Own

Getting your brows threaded by a professional is the best way to keep them in shape. Although there are a lot of other ways you can too try to maintain their shape such as using a brow shaver, waxing off the excess hair or even trying to thread it yourselves. Do not do it as trust us, there's no going back!

How To Maintain Your Brows At Home

Due to the current situation, most of us dread stepping out and vising a parlour is definitely not a priority. So what to do? We take matters into our own hands. Although we did mention earlier that please do not try to do your brows at home but we gotta keep them in shape, right?

So, try this:

- Using an eyebrow pencil, trace your brows so that you know exactly how your brows will look once you're done and will also leave less room for an eyebrow disaster.

- Before you start tweezing out the extra hair that's outside the line, just stand back and look in the mirror to ensure that the shapes match.

- Keep on tweezing till your brows look on fleek.

Using An Eyebrow Product

If you are using an eyebrow product to define them, always start from the inner corner of your brows to its tail.

- If you are using a brow pomade, made sure you draw multiple strokes on your brows so it gives the illusion of 'hair' and not that you've used some product.

- If you're using an eyebrow pencil, make sure that you do not overline the brows.

Keep It Simple, Silly

If you have naturally dense brows, you can use a brow gel to tame them or a spoolie to sparse them out, without relying on an eyebrow product to define them because sometimes, less is more.


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