Tinting, Tattooing, Waxing & Everything Else You Can Do To Your Eyebrows!

Tinting, Tattooing, Waxing & Everything Else You Can Do To Your Eyebrows!

Having great brows is such a blessing. Guys, they just don’t get it. Tell us we have great brows and that’s literally what we wanna hear (who says us women are complicated?).

But seriously, us Indians are blessed with such beautiful, full brows. Just a quick threading session and we look snatched! But not everyone is blessed, a lot of us rely on other methods to make them brows on fleek! Have you ever wondered, what are some of the other things can be done with eyebrows, other than threading and filling them in?

All The Different Things You Can Do With Your Brows

Mark my words, your eyebrows introduce you before you speak a word. They frame your face and add personality to it. Here's every brow treatment, service and option available to us!


I was born with big, bushy brows (think Kajol's on steroids). My first threading experience changed my life. No matter how advanced eyebrow grooming methods get, I think I'll always remain faithful to threading.

Threading involves removal of hair via using well, you guessed - a thread. Wound up around your fingers, this tiny but mighty piece of string removes unwanted hair in just a flick of the wrist. Although it is super painful but hey, it gets the job done and quickly!



Tweezing is the easiest way to pluck out all the unwanted hair from your brows and give them a nice shade. Take a deep breath and start plucking out the hair, one by one. Stretch your skin over your brows and keep on plucking. After plucking out each hair, stand back and look in the mirror to see if you're doing it fine. If you think that you may have disturbed its shape, stop immediately.


Wax It Off

Waxing is threading's modern sister who gets the work done, faster. Just like you get your body hair waxed, your brows can be waxed too. Just apply a thick layer of wax on the area you wish to remove the hair from (unless you want to pull off a Jeffree and live with no brows) and pull it off. Yes, OUCH.

(Why did I just feel this pain?)

Eyebrow Tinting

The easiest way to bold, poppin' brows - It involves using a semi-permanent dye to enhance and define your brows. The dye is mixed applied on your eyebrows in the direction of your hair growth, left to dry and wiped off. Hello, gorgeous!

#ProTip: There are a lot of DIY eyebrow tinting kits available in the market. Unless you are a pro, do not try this at home!

Eyebrow Pencil or Pomade

Simple and efficient!

Using eye makeup is the quickest way to fill your brows instantly. You can use either a brow pencil, a pomade or a brow mascara to define and fill in your brows. Voila, an instant upgrade!

#ProTip: There are a lot of shades available for eyebrow products such as dark, light and medium. Visit a beauty store, test out a product to see if they match with your natural hair before buying it. 

Shave It

Have no pain threshold? Then shaving is your best bet. I had so many questions when I heard a friend of mine who sometimes times shaves her brows. Like how do you even do that? Then she showed me the technique and honestly, I was mesmerized. 

#ProTip: Just be extra careful that you don't end up shaving an important part of your brow, cause yes - that's possible!


Want to have great eyebrows permanently so that you can stop wasting your time grooming or filling them in? Then you should consider micro-blading them.

Imagine getting a tattoo in place of your brows, that's micro-blading for you. It involves using a pigment, similar to the one tattoo artists use for permanent tattoos where the pigment is implanted under your skin. The only difference is, the process is done via a  manual handheld tool instead of a tattoo machine. Hair-like strokes are drawn using the tool to mimic your natural brow hair. You can get your brows micro bladed at a dermatologist. The treatment might be a little expensive, but hey - if you want your brows to wake up looking wonderful, it's worth it! 

Eyebrow Wigs

Imagine buying fake hair aka wigs for your brows...damn! While eyebrow wigs seem a little extreme, there are other ways you can make your brows fuller. Some people have bald spots on their brows, while some people naturally have very light brows. Eyebrow extensions are two such options you can consider if you want to add more hair to your brows.

And ladies, always remember: Your eyebrow grooming technique can ruin your life faster than any man could, so choose your method wisely 😉

Featured Image: Freepik