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Everything You Need To Know To Find The *Perfect* Perfume!

Everything You Need To Know To Find The *Perfect* Perfume!

Perfume is a used as a generic term for anything with an aromatic fragrance. However, each perfume house categorizes its variants based on the concentration of the aromatic essence or essential oil(s) they use in each formulation. The concentration determines how long the fragrance lasts, how it can be used etc. Since most perfumes are a mixture of multiple aromatic essences, it is important to understand the various notes of fragrances to help identify the type of “perfume” for you.

Notes In A Perfume

1 what goes in your perfume Most perfumes are a combination of various aromatic fragrances layered and blended to get the desired end fragrance. Each aromatic essence is unique in the time it takes to disperse and how long it lasts. Due to the time release factor of each note in a perfume, we often find that perfumes smell different right after spritzing than they do a few hours later. This can be immensely helpful in layering fragrances to suit individual taste.

Top/ Head Notes

The is the first fragrance that you smell when you wear a perfume because the molecules of the aroma essence are lighter and smaller. They tend not to last over 30 minutes. Eg: Citrus fragrances

Middle/ Heart Notes

These molecules are slightly heavier and can be smelled within 10-30 minutes of application and usually right before the top note wears off. Eg: Lavender & Rose Also read:10 AMAZING Perfumes For The 20-Something Girl (All Under Rs 700)

Base Notes

The fragrance is apparent after 30 minutes of application as the molecules are larger and heavier. The scent is intense and lingers on for at least 4-6 hours, if not more. Eg: Sandalwood, Jasmine, Musk and Ylang Ylang

Types Of Perfumes

2 what goes in your perfume

Eau De Cologne

They contain about 7% aromatic essence dissolved in alcohol and are refreshing options during the summers. They can be applied directly to the skin and do not last very long. They are usually sold in 200 ml spray bottles and are quite pocket friendly. Try: BVLGARI au the blanc  

Eau De Toilette

Almost the same strength as a cologne but usually go as high as 10% aromatic essence. The top notes are often dominant, but it evaporates quickly. Try: Burberry Women Brit Rhythm; Giorgio Armani Code Luna ; Gucci Premiere ; Davidoff Cool water Also read: The BEST Affordable Alternatives To 5 Iconic Designer Perfumes!

Eau De Parfum

It offers a 10-20% concentration of essences with a staying power of at least 4-5 hours. It is the ideal choice to get a bang for your buck as it has great staying power at a much lower cost. Try: Calvin Klein Eternity; Dior J'Adore


Parfum or perfume has a concentration of between 20-40% aromatic essence and have the longest staying power lasting at least 6-10 hours. Parfum is often available in glass stoppered bottles, for dabbing, rather than sprays and spritzers. It is the whole symphony of top, middle and base notes, making it the longest lasting of the all the variants. Since only a tiny amount is needed, it is often sold in tiny glass bottles. Traditional perfume oils are an excellent alcohol-free alternative for those with sensitive skin and leave a long-lasting fragrance. They can be used as a single fragrance or custom blended to suit individual needs. While they may be a bit pricey, they require just a few dabs on the pulse points and the fragrance lasts the whole day.
Try: The Body Shop White Musk Perfume Oil ; Traditional Ittar (Also known as Attar) Now you know exactly how to choose the perfect perfume for you! :) Images:Shutterstock
Published on Jun 30, 2016
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