The Only Products You Need To Make That Makeup Selfie Look Even Better!

The Only Products You Need To Make That Makeup Selfie Look Even Better!

We all know that a perfect photo or a mirror selfie is all about the lighting. I mean have you ever tried clicking a picture in a dingy, shadowy bathroom? Spoiler, they turn out awful. With all the time we've been spending on our screens- Zoom video calls, Instagram videos, and making birthday videos for just about everyone in our friend circle, we thought we'd help you take your selfie game up a notch.

It seems like makeup is only being applied for that one selfie on Instagram and honestly, it's a great thing. The pandemic is raging so stepping out should be a big no-no at the moment. So if you want to try a full face of glam just to sit in your living room, I'd say go for it.


Here Are 5 Items To Buy That'll Take Your Makeup Selfie Game Up A Notch

Cause a blinding highlighter with the perfect amount of light reflecting on it, that's the stuff Gram-worthy pictures are made of.

A Ring Light Will Be Your New Bestie


Selfie Ring Light

INR 229 AT Avika

This ring light has three levels of brightness and adjusts for the different moods you're trying to create in your pictures. It's super lightweight and easily portable so you can carry it around if you want to and it also makes for a great assistant light when you're trying to take creative shots. Perfect for night and moody shots of yourself, all you've to do is clip this on to your phone and voila, professional selfie taker in the making.

A Bluetooth Remote For Convenience

Wireless Bluetooth Shutter Remote Controller


If you're tired of having to extend your arm to take selfies or sick of taking really bad shots after a point then this Bluetooth remote can a great buy for you. Taking selfies is so much easier because you can keep your phone on a stand or a tripod instead of holding it constantly. You just have to pair your phone with the device and get snapping!

Tripod Stand For Variability

Flexible Octopus Foldable Mini Tripod For Mobile Phone

INR 499 AT Taslar

This is a mini tripod and works well with your smartphone. It's compact and lightweight and is perfect to throw into your bag when on the move. It's also super flexible because it has over twenty-four leg joints that allow it to bend and rotate, yet hold the grip in difficult terrain. When you're taking a selfie at home it allows you to put the phone in unconventional spots so that you get a wider range of angles to choose from.

Your All-In-One Item

Professional Selfie Ring Light and Cell Phone & Webcam Stand

INR 999 AT Unifree

This is the latest product for taking your social media game to the next level. It's the perfect light for makeup, selfies, live streaming, live broadcast, live shows, and shooting videos so you'll feel like a total beauty influencer. It also has a carbon steel arm that'll hold your phone and can be adjusted to any angle that you like. It's USB powered and can be plugged into any port like a laptop, wall charger etc. 


Automate It

Hands-free Bluetooth Rotatable Selfie Robot

INR 3,000 AT AndoerÂ

This is panoramic shooting and it's a futuristic product. It's got face tracking, self-timer, and face recognition that automatically adjusts itself to the best angle for your face. It has a controller so that you can take selfies from a distance and trust us when we say that this will change the way your makeup looks on Instagram.

So, all set to make your selfie game strong? 

Featured Image: Instagram

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