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17 Types Of Selfies *Every* Girl Has Taken At Least Once!

17 Types Of Selfies *Every* Girl Has Taken At Least Once!

Whoever said you can take too many selfies was wrong! Selfies are a fun and entertaining way to let our emotions out there. Don’t worry, girls - if you’ve been accused of taking tons of selfies, then just know you have us standing with you! Here is a list 17 types of selfies every girl has taken...just for the love of selfies!

1. The no-makeup selfie

We all love to go au natural. Getting makeup right is annoying and what’s worse is that everyone knows you have makeup on. We’d rather go with our natural beauty and look awesome anyway!
1 types of selfies

2. The changing room selfie

I mean, c’mon, who can afford everything that we take to the changing room, right? But that should not limit us from showing it off! We’ve all used the flattering changing room light to the best of its capabilities - and why shouldn’t we, it’s there for a reason! #OOTD, am I right?

3. The snapchat filter selfie

The doggy filter, the flower crown filter, the sad face filter, the rainbow filter - you name it and we’ve tried it. And we’re proud of it! Why put the efforts of the creator to waste when we can look goofy but super awesome using them?! 3 types of selfies

4. The working girl selfie

Let’s not hide that we have all put up at least one  ‘Monday blues’ or ‘Work. Work. Work. Work.’’ selfie with somebody’s borrowed spectacles. It instantly lightens our mood on a dull work day! The fact that we can be so stressed but fabulous deserves a self-five!

5. The ‘OMG, I love animals’ selfie

Because we stand up for animal rights and also they are cute AF. Not only do we have thousands of selfies with our pets, we don’t even let go of other people’s pets or even street animals! After all, they deserve our love! 5 types of selfies

6. The foodie selfie

Sometimes food is just irresistible. There is no other explanation. It looks so delicious and lovely that we can’t help but show everyone on social media what a great lunch/ dinner we’re about to gulp down.

7. The fitness freak selfie

Who cares that we go to the gym one day in 3 months? That one day makes up for a year’s worth of pictures with motivational quotes! 7 types of selfies

8. The groupfie!

Every girl who loves taking selfies is always the one getting her gang of girls together for a groupfie! It’s a difficult task, but we take it upon ourselves to complete it and get at least one decent picture out of it!

9. The ‘Look at me having fun’ selfie

These are the tons of selfies you take when you are out with your friends as proof that you had fun! Hey, no one is judging. You are going out after a super long time and the world is all ‘Picture or it didn’t happen’ these days! 9 types of selfies

10. The ‘while driving’ selfie

The one you take to show how great a driver you are, but which actually kind of questions your driving skills...and your safety!

11. The bathroom selfie

There is just something about the bathroom mirror that makes us stop, stare and take at least a hundred selfies! 11 types of selfies

12. The candid selfie

The one in which you look like you are not looking because you are busy doing something else, but, in fact, all you are trying to do is get a decent picture without breaking either your arm or your phone!

13. The ‘friends only’ selfie

These are the selfies you only send to the people who are in your safe zone. Why? Because they are completely and totally ugly! All the double chins, weird faces - everything and anything you’ve been hiding from the world - you feel free to expose in these selfies! 13 types of selfies

14. The couple selfie

Every time you are on a date and you manage to post a selfie with #Bae because you absolutely have to let the whole wide world know how much you love him...even though this is only the third date. Oh well.

15. The ‘I’m so single’ selfie

And after those relationship fails, when you need to let the world know that you are single and ready to mingle, you take up the power of a selfie combined with a funny meme/ quote and voila! You are the cool new single girl in town! 15 types of selfies

16. The classy selfie

The one in which you look like you just walked out of Sonam Kapoor’s closet because you look absolutely stunning. Usually accompanied with a glass of wine and red lipstick!

17. The ‘I woke up like this’ selfie

A.k.a. the morning selfie. The one you send right after you wake up...or right after you wake up, splash your face with some water, maybe apply a bit of lip gloss and then get back into bed so it looks like you just woke up looking this gorgeous!
17 types of selfies GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy
Published on Nov 10, 2016
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