A Step-By-Step Guide To Cleaning Your Falsies So That You Can Use Them Again

A Step-By-Step Guide To Cleaning Your Falsies So That You Can Use Them Again

Honestly, I'm not an expert on falsies- they are definitely my least liked makeup product simply because they seem so complicated. That's not to say that I don't find dramatic lashes pretty because I do but I don't like them because I'm absolutely terrible at putting them on. The only times I have put on falsies is when I've had to go for a wedding or am getting my makeup done professionally for an event. All those times I've come home (after way too many shots) and ripped my falsies off my eyes and thrown them into the dustbin. That's not advice I would like to give to you readers. 

There is actually a particular way of removing your falsies and keeping them clean so that you can get the most use out of them. So, read on to see what they are cause falsies freakin' expensive for God's sake and you gotta keep them properly.

How To Remove Your Falsies Carefully

Do not and I repeat do not rip out your false lashes, please. Not only are there chances that you will ruin your falsies and pluck out individual hair, but you might also pull your natural lashes out and that's something you definitely don't want.

Instead, start from the inner corner of your eyes and lift the band itself with your fingers. After that, grab the band and gently remove it from the lash line towards the outer corner. 


How To Keep Your Falsies Clean

Step 1: Remove The Glue

Start by removing an excess glue on the falsies that is still on the lash band. One easy way of doing it is taking a pair of tweezers and gently picking out any blue that still may be on the band. 


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Steep 2: Clean The Lashes

Usually, after you apply your falsies, you do apply a coat of mascara so that they blend in with your natural lashes so removing that product off is crucial. Once your false lashes are off, put a tiny bit of micellar water and comb through them with a spoolie. You can also dip cotton pads in micellar water press your falsies between them to remove all the product buildup. Gently rub it until all the product and glue comes off.


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Step 3: Dry Your Falsies

After you're done cleaning them, you've got to dry them off. Use a paper towel to gently press and pat them dry but not too hard otherwise they'll lose their original shape. Try not using cotton pads because sometimes the cotton can shed and get attached to the lashes. Store them in the individual packaging that they originally came so that they're clean and ready to use for next time.

Trust us, if you keep these steps in mind, your falsies won't be ruined in just one use.

Featured Image: Pexels