Oh-So-Shiny: Ever Wondered What Lip Glosses Are Made Of? We'll Tell You

Oh-So-Shiny: Ever Wondered What Lip Glosses Are Made Of? We'll Tell You

The lip gloss will never go out of fashion. There, I said it! After gaining popularity among Hollywood celebrities in the '70s, the lip gloss became an iconic beauty product in every makeup lover's pouch. Loved for its hatred-blinding shine, it can either be worn on top of a lipstick or simply by itself. From coloured iterations to sheer, transparent ones, the choices (and sometimes flavours) are many. Making one's lips glossy and pretty in a swipe, it's only natural to wonder what superpower ingredients does the humble lip gloss contain. Let's find out!

What Is Lip Gloss Made Of?


Compared to lipstick, the formula is different for lip gloss. While lip glosses contain oil, lipsticks contain more wax. Hence, lipsticks are firmer and thicker in texture whereas glosses are slippery, slick and shiny.

Lip glosses contain emollients (ingredients responsible for giving lips that wet, glossy finish). However, not all lip glosses have the same type of emollients. They differ in quality, not to mention contain either synthetic oils or natural oils such as jojoba oil, Vitamin E, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, etc.


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Lip glosses also contain thickeners, an important part of the composition. Made from a unique type of wax and clay, it is these thickeners that prevent the lip gloss from smearing and dripping off from the lips.

However, in the battle of which lip product has a stronger staying power, the lipstick is the winner. If you don't touch your lips or drink or eat anything for a couple of hours, then yes your lip gloss won't budge. But since that's not plausible, one may have to reapply their lip gloss every 2-3 hours. Better to re-touch than to starve yourself, am I right!

#POPxoProTip: A trick to make your lip gloss last longer--apply a tiny bit of concealer on your lips and then swipe some lip gloss over it.

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Many lip glosses are colourless. As for the ones which have colour, they mostly contain traditional dyes or fruit extracts.

The shimmery ones, on the other hand, contain either mica or iron oxide. Did you know shimmery glosses can also be used as a liquid eyeshadow? Talk about two-in-one benefits!

Some lip glosses also contain fragrances, sweeteners, and sunscreen to protect your lips and make them look oh-so-kissable. P.S. When wearing a lip gloss, avoid licking your lips often as that habit can lead to dehydration and dryness.


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You see, many ingredients go into making a single lip gloss. They may be tiny in size but are high maintenance beauty products. Nevertheless, they still make your lips look yummy-licious. To quote Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl, "Lipstick lasts longer but gloss is more fun." XOXO

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