Want Your Hair To Behave Better Than A Spoiled Kid? Use A Microfiber Towel To Dry It!

Want Your Hair To Behave Better Than A Spoiled Kid? Use A Microfiber Towel To Dry It!

Imagine this, you have a very special date tonight that you've been looking forward to for days. You put on your best dress, apply your fave makeup products but your hair is not behaving itself at all, even though you washed it an hour ago!

What do you think could be the reason? It can either be the fact that you didn't wash your hair properly and there's still some oil left or maybe you used too many hair products on your mane or something as basic as the technique you used to dry off your hair! You must be pondering, how does my technique of hair drying come into factor here? Allow us to tell you!

Most of us either let our hair dry off naturally (air dry) or use hair tools such as a blow dryer. Another technique that we all use (but incorrectly) is by using a towel to scrunch our dripping wet hair and that's exactly what makes your hair behave in an unruly way!

Stop Reaching For Your Regular Towel To Dry Your Hair

We've been doing it since forever--reaching for our towel as soon as we're out of the shower because nobody likes the water dripping on their necks, right? We bow down, wrap the towel around our hair, twist it a few times and throw it back and probably sit like that for hours, just wasting time in peace. But this habit of yours (tieing the towel, not wasting your time) is making your hair weak and damaging them slowly.

Here's what you need to do:

Ditch Your Basic Towel And Grab A Microfiber Towel

Replace it with a microfiber towel!

Show your stunning hair some respect because after all, your entire mood can get spoiled if it looks bad! A microfiber towel will ensure that it doesn't damage your hair, cut your hair drying time by half, minimize hair damage and will not cause your hair to frizz the F out!

Let's learn more about this must-have hair accessory!

You must have seen a microfiber towel around your house, they are used to clean out windows or to wash off dirty car shields. Thanks to their ability to absorb water fast, they are becoming quite a hit when it comes to during our hair using a towel. Not only that, but they are also in popular demand as:

- Frizz? She's history: They absorb water fast from your hair and reduces the frizz too. Wrap your wet hair using a microfiber towel every time you wash your hair and you'll notice just how quickly (and nicely) it gets the job done.

- Lints? No more: One of the common problems that most of us face while using a regular towel are the tiny lints that are left behind on our hair. Using a microfiber towel will help solve that in no time.

- Gentle on hair: A microfiber towel is so gentle on your hair. It not only makes your hair calm down but it is so gentle too. It barely causes any type of hair breakage (unless you wrap it up a little too harshly).


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So are you going to ditch your regular towel for smoother, softer and frizz-free hair?

Featured Image: Pexels.com