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15 Hair Products For The Newlywed That *Work* - Under Rs 250!

15 Hair Products For The Newlywed That *Work* - Under Rs 250!

You made a stunning bride, we’re sure of that. Your outfit, jewellery, makeup and hair was on-point all through the functions, and you looked flawless. Now, talking about your hair, we know it takes lots of heat styling, back-combing, hair spray and a gazillion hair pins to keep every strand in place at all times. So ladies, your tresses definitely need some looking after post the shaadi functions. No, we aren’t asking you to spend thousands of rupees on hair spas and massages with exotic oils. Here is a list of 15 haircare products for the newlywed that actually work… AND, they’re all under 250 bucks!

1. Lotus Herbals Kera-Veda Hennapura Henna Shampoo With Conditioner

1 haircare products We all know how awesome henna is for the hair. So, it’s no wonder that this henna shampoo and conditioner makes it to this list. After all that you put your hair throughout the wedding celebrations, use this product that’s infused with the goodness of henna leaf, bhringraj and neem leaf. This one’s sure to give you clean and extremely healthy hair after every wash. Price: Rs 185. Buy it here.

2. Matrix Biolage Ultra Hydrating Shampoo

2 haircare products The Hydra Therapie Technology from Biolage promises to give your hair a much-needed boost of moisture. Now wouldn’t you want that after all the heat styling your tresses went through during the functions? Price: Rs 209. Buy it here.

3. Biotique Mountain Ebony Vitalising Serum For Falling Hair

3 haircare products Mountain ebony, long pepper, glycyrrhizin and euphoria tree extracts is what is blended into this fabulous hair serum. This will reduce the dryness of the hair and any itchiness on your scalp. Now which newlywed wouldn’t want lustrous, gorgeous hair thanks to this product? Price: Rs 157. Buy it here.

4. BBLUNT Mini Back To Life Dry Shampoo

4 haircare products The post-shaadi dinners and functions are countless and you’ve got to look fab for each of them. On days when you don’t have the time to wash your hair, this dry shampoo will come to your rescue. Just spritz this on and zap all the dirt and oiliness from that mane of yours to refresh it in a jiffy.  
Price: Rs 250. Buy it here.

5. Tresemme Botanique Detox & Repair Conditioner

5 haircare products A super hydrating conditioner is just what you need after all the hair styling at the wedding dries out your locks. This one is paraben free, and the botanical blend of ginseng and neem will nourish your hair perfectly. Get this one, we say. Price: Rs 204. Buy it here.

6. Dove Elixir Nourished Shine Hair Oil - Hibiscus & Argan Oil

6 haircare products Want to moisturize your hair and give your scalp a good massage? Try this oil by Dove which is a blend of hibiscus and argan oil. Massage it 30 minutes before shampooing and say hello to gorgeous locks, ladies.   Price: Rs 167. Buy it here.

7. Filone Shampoo Comb

7 haircare products A real wood comb that is meant for combing wet hair - now isn’t this so useful? Your hair definitely needs some pampering after the wedding and this comb will ensure that your tresses are tangle-free after a hair wash and it won’t even tug at your strands much. Get yourself one already! Price: Rs 120. Buy it here.

8. Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair With Liquid Keratin Million Gloss Shampoo

8 haircare products This shampoo with liquid keratin is best suited to those newlyweds who have fine hair that is dry and damaged. This formula with liquidized sea-collagen will not only repair your hair, but also make it strong. It’s a win-win situation, ladies.
Price: Rs 248. Buy it here.

9. Livon Serum

9 haircare products We cannot stress enough on the fact that your hair will need oodles of moisture right after your wedding. Restore your hair health by using this hydrating, Vitamin E-enriched serum after shampooing. The mild fragrance in this one will ensure your hair smells awesome! Won’t hubby dearest love that? Price: Rs 215. Buy it here.

10. L’Oreal Paris Hair Expertise Oil Replacement Cream

10 haircare products Want softer, glossier and just more healthy looking hair? This cream which is a blend of 6 oils - argan, almond, jojoba, olive, coconut and camelina - is your answer, ladies. What’s better - it can be used as a pre-wash, post-wash and even overnight product. So cool and so convenient! Price: Rs 80. Buy it here.

11. Biotique Bio Flame Of The Forest Fresh Shine Expertise Oil

11 haircare products This oil won’t only adds tons of lustre to your hair, but also give strength to its roots. It strengthens hair follicles and prevents any sort of damage. Let’s not deny that the hair styling and use of heat instruments will continue due to all those post-shaadi dinners, so why not pamper your locks with this awesome oil? Price: Rs 135. Buy it here.

12. Dove Regenerative Repair Shampoo

12 haircare products As the name suggests, this shampoo will repair your damaged hair each time you use it. Infused with Red Algae Complex, this shampoo regenerates the broken bonds of the hair and makes it oh-so-smooth. Flaunt that gorgeous mane, won’t you?
Price: Rs 225. Buy it here.

13. Richfeel Brahmi Hair Mask

13 haircare products Take out some time to do this after the wedding, we suggest. This deep conditioning hair mask is enriched with the goodness of the Indian ayurvedic brahmi plant. Leave this one for a good 10-15 minutes after washing your hair and rinse it after. The overall nourishment that this will provide to your hair will leave you amazed! Price: Rs 225. Buy it here.

14. Swati Khadi Sesame An Ideal Remedy Hair Oil

14 haircare products Another extremely nourishing oil for the hair, ladies. A good massage with this one once a week will ensure you have luscious, lovely looking hair for all the dinners and parties you attend right after the wedding. This awesome oil is a blend of invigorating herbs like mulethi, amla, shikakai, bhringraj and sesame oil. Need we say more? Price: Rs 200. Buy it here.

15. Beauty Formulas Macadamia Oil Intensive Hair Treatment

15 haircare products This is a multi-step treatment but it’s worth it! You must take some time out and pamper your tresses. With the benefits of a hair mask and serum, this will give a boost of hydration to your hair and make it super glossy and gorgeous. Revitalize your mane with this one, we say. Price: Rs 199. Buy it here. Which of these are you pampering your hair with, ladies?
Published on Apr 21, 2017
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