Get Knotty: A French Braid Is The Only Hairstyle You’ll Want To Flaunt After Quarantine

Get Knotty: A French Braid Is The Only Hairstyle You’ll Want To Flaunt After Quarantine

When I think about Rapunzel, all I can think about are her long, luscious locks and those french braids - is it weird that I'm suddenly jealous of a fictional character? But seriously, how cool do french braids look?

Whenever I see a celebrity sporting this hairdo, all I think about is (b)raiding it! But sadly, I had no idea how to do french braids until now! And just like the Prince Charming in every Disney animated movie, YouTube became my knight in shining armour!

How To Do A Classic French Braid

The French braid is such a beautiful, and practical hairstyle, don't you think? You can rock the french braids with a crop top as effortlessly you can with salwar kameez!

If you have long hair but tying it up gives you a worse headache than your ex, you should definitely try to braid them. A loose, braid won't give you a headache. Here's how you can ace the look at home!

Step 1: Comb/brush your hair thoroughly to untangle your hair. Apply a hair serum, if need to make them all smooth and manageable.

Step 2: Start sectioning your hair. Gather a big chunk from the top-centre of your head.

Step 3: Next, segregate the chunk into three strands and separate them by running your fingers through your mane.
Step 4: Start braiding your hair, in the traditional way; by holding two strands of hair while the third one twists and turns. Cross your right strand over to the centre and the left one to the centre too. Repeat this a few times, till you have a few rows of a regular braid.

Step 5: Keep up with the traditional braids but now, start bringing in the hair we left hanging. Grab a chunk of hair from the side of your head before crossing a section over to the centre.

Step 6: Repeat the previous step but make sure you 'braid' all of your hair and nothing is left out. By the time you reach the end, you should have been able to incorporate all of your hair.

Step 7: For the final step, finish your french braid as the traditional braid. Keep on braiding till you reach the end and secure it with a rubber band. unless you have short or layered hair, use your fingers to fluff and pull our your mane so that it looks fuller and really stunning.

You can also add an extra zing to it by accessorizing it with a bandana, hair stick-ons, hair jewellery or even a tiara.

And if you think that sab kuch sir ke upar see nikal gaya, be sure to watch this super easy hair tutorial so that you can rock them french braids, ASAP!

Or give this one a try if you're all about the buns

Crown braids more your style?

Unlike the bizarre plot twists in an Ekta Kapoor serial, the only twists and turns I would like in my life would be on my hair 😉

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