Liar, Liar! 8 Blatant Lies That Indian Television Advertisements Have Fed Us

Liar, Liar! 8 Blatant Lies That Indian Television Advertisements Have Fed Us

Love them or hate them, you just can’t avoid them. No matter how infuriating, annoying or even sexist, some Indian advertisements are, they still manage to stay in our memories forever. While some of these commercials lack logic and rationalism, others are just completely silly. I mean, who on earth eats chocolate like that, with all ten fingers and the entire face smudged with it? (not even my 2-year-old niece)

Here are eight of the weirdest advertisements of all times that fed us glaring lies like they were cheeseballs.

8 Annoying Indian TV Ads That Were Nothing But Lies.

The advertisement industry needs to come up with better ideas.


You don’t need a college degree in India as long as you have a data-enabled mobile phone. Because the internet is the ultimate source of knowledge and education after all!

Surf Excel

You can come home covered in the most stubborn stains but mom wouldn’t mind because, hey, daag achhe hai! And mum just loves washing clothes.

Fair And Lovely

Women can’t find a decent job for themselves unless they have a spotless and bright skin. You see, who cares about educational qualifications when you have a beautiful glowing skin?

Wild Stone

What is the secret to make women instantly horny? Well, men just have to spray this deodrant on their bare body and all the women will be dying to have sex with them!


When you empty a Rajnigandha packet in your mouth with swag (mind it), the world will eventually be under your feet! Muh me Rajnigandha, kadmo me duniya!

Thumbs Up

Thirsty? Sorry, but you will have to either fight Naxals, jump from the Swiss Alps or cross a river full of deadly crocodiles, to get your hand on that bottle of soda.


How to make a young, independent, and ambitious woman ready for marriage? Take her to a jewellery shop and she will change her mind.


Money is the only thing that can help husbands’ calm down their wives. An ad by ICICI bank showed a woman is mad at her husband because his credit card got declined while she was shopping at a jewellery store. The infuriated woman calls up her husband, who instantly transfers money to her account and “calms her down”. That easy, you see! The ad was later pulled down.

Not even mentioning what the Airtel girl told us about networks even in the remotest areas!

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