These Are The Kind Of Vacations You Love To Take Based On Your Zodiac Sign!

These Are The Kind Of Vacations You Love To Take Based On Your Zodiac Sign!

Agree to disagree, travel is what shapes us into becoming fuller versions of ourselves. The more you explore, the more memories you make to take home with you. While vacays are enjoyed by everyone, not every star sign celebrates their time off in the same way. While some like to travel to bustling cities, some like to spend time alone in the woods. 

The Kind of Vacations The Star Signs Like To Go On

You’ll know what I’m talking about when I tell you the kind of vacation you’ll enjoy based on your zodiac sign. 


Aries are adventure junkies who can’t stay at one place for a long time. They like being on the move 24/7. Routine and boredom don’t sit too well with them and they prefer to travel solo. That way they’re free to go where their heart desires without being tied down to other people’s plans. It’s either something as extreme as skydiving in the Fox Glacier in New Zealand or enjoying a glass of wine in the vineyards of Tuscany - whatever they’re in the mood for honestly. 


Taurus peeps like all things luxe. They want to experience the best in life, but on a budget. It’s not like they don’t spend, they’re very choosy on where they put their money. Wherever they go, good food is a priority. If the food is not up to the mark, they’ll throw a fit. If they like a place, they’ll most likely visit again. That way, they’re really loyal to their favourite destinations.


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It’s tough to know what kind of vacations Gemini loves going on. They’re pretty unpredictable that way. They make on the spot plans and whatever they settle for has to be packed with adventure. You will find them in cities that are high on energy - Mumbai, Tokyo, Barcellona, New York, Las Vegas. They’re the ultimate jetsetters!


I’d pay you a 1,000 bucks to get a Cancerian person out of their home. Their ideal vacation is chilling with their family at home. They enjoy travelling, but not alone, but with their special peeps. More than the mountains, they like to spend time around water bodies. They are at peace when they are chilling by the beach, a lake or a pool. 


These guys go where the party is. They want their vacations to be adventure-packed. They love dancing, partying and socialising. Since they have outgoing personalities, it’s easier to become friends with them. The best part is that after they get back from a vacay, be prepared for storytelling! Trust me, you’ll enjoy every saucy bit of it. 


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Librans are deep thinkers. They like travelling with their soulmates and sending postcards to their friends. As long as they have their partner with them, they don’t mind doing any activity with them. Rock climbing, surfing, skiing, sky diving, skating - they’re the real daredevils on a vacay. 


This is one sign that likes to travel alone. They’re very comfortable by themselves and dislike making small talk. Since they’re sensitive to vibes and people, they choose their vacation spots very wisely. Their idea of a vacay is chilling by themselves or with a special someone with a glass of wine and some comfort food at a quiet restaurant. 


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Another sign that loves travel is Sagittarius. They prefer catching flights rather than feelings. When it’s vacay time, they’re anywhere but home. Even when they’re visiting a new country, they don’t do generic things like go shopping or visit restaurants, they’re partying the night away at some random bar with their squad. 


It’s a task to convince a Capricorn to take a break from work. They’re always such busy bees and refuse to apply for leave even if they earned it. They need to realise that it’s okay to take a break sometimes. When they do go on vacation, they like to visit a place that has historical importance. It should revolve around a story. You need, they need something to feed their brains.


If you’re an Aquarius, I bet you’re one of those people who plan ahead before they set foot on foreign land. This is a typical Aquarius trait. They hate going unprepared and always do their research on the activities they're going to do and places they’re going to see. 


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Pisces are the happiest when they’re alone. They find pleasure by just sitting in their hotel room, chilling in the bathtub with their favourite music playing on loop. They don’t need people to help them have a good time, they can do it themselves. The more time they spend alone, the more connected they feel to their core.  

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