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Best MX Player Web Series

13 Web Series On MX Player That You’ll Wish You Streamed Sooner

Binge-watching web series online has become the preferred pastime activity for many. We are spoilt for choices when it comes to picking an OTT platform that gives us a wide variety of content to choose from. MX Player is one such digital platform that houses shows across the whole spectrum of genres, in different languages, and from around the world. However, wading through so many options to find the right show to watch can take up a huge chunk of your time. This is why we have curated a list of the best MX Player web series that are totally worth a watch.

Whether you’re looking for the best Indian web series on MX Player or MX Player new web series- we’ve got it all!

Best Web Series On MX Player

You’ll be surprised by the number of amazing web series that are available to stream on MX Player. From Turkish romance dramas to some amazing Hindi originals, MX Player offers a variety of genres that you can choose from. Here are some of our picks of the best web series on MX Player that you can start streaming right away!


Queen follows the journey of Shakthi Seshadri, an intelligent student who gets coerced into becoming an actress by her mother and then later turns into a politician who everyone respects. Suspense-filled episodes with stellar acting from the cast make this show perfect for a weekend binge. Queen is one of the best Indian web series on MX Player that you must watch!  



Aashram manages to present some inconvenient truths wrapped up in a gripping storyline. Baba Nirala, played by Bobby Deol, is a godman revered by his army of blind supporters who consider him their messiah. A police investigation launched to probe a series of crimes threatens to reveal Baba Nirala and his dark secrets. This riveting MX Player series has got to be on your watchlist.  

Ek Thi Begum

The widow of a man who got entangled with the underworld vows to avenge her husband’s death. To do so, she plans to infiltrate the murderer’s gang and bring down his whole empire. The story features intricate conspiracies, suspense, and unexpected turn of events. What makes this MX Player web series more exciting is the fact that the story takes inspiration from actual events that took place in the 1980s.

Endless Love

Endless Love (Kara Sevda) is among the most popular Turkish dramas that is streaming currently on MX Player. This series was awarded the Best Telenovela at the 45th International Emmy Awards, and is a must-watch! The plot of this MX Player web series revolves around a boy named Kemal, and a girl named Nihan who come from polar opposite backgrounds. While they manage to be together, Nihan’s parents want her to get married to Emir, a rich and arrogant businessman. Can Nihan and Kemal’s love succeed against all odds?

The Girl Named Feriha

You’ll enjoy watching this Turkish series if you are a fan of romance dramas! This is one of the best web series on MX Player, and it revolves around Feriha, a girl who hails from a poor family, but lies about her social standing. She ends up winning a scholarship to an elite university, where she falls in love with Emir, a rich heir. While things seem to be working out for them, soon Feriha finds herself getting trapped in her own web of lies.  


MX Player New Web Series

With so many new shows being released on MX Player regularly, you will never run out of stuff to watch. If you’re looking for some of the latest web series to binge on, check out our list of new MX Player web series that you’re sure to get hooked to!


Cartel has prominent mafia gangs battling amongst each other to claim power over the city of Mumbai. The plot thickens when Rani Mai, who was at the helm of the Angre crime family, gets shot. It is now up to her three sons to unearth who was responsible for it and then seek revenge. Is it someone from a rival gang? Or a member of her own family?

Matsya Kaand

Matsya Thada, a notoriously cunning conman, has always managed to sneak past law enforcement after committing his crimes. That is until he meets his match in ACP Tejraj Singh, an equally sharp cop, who gets assigned to his case. Can Tejraj Singh get hold of Matsya in time before he pulls off his ultimate con? Watch this new MX Player web series to find out!   


Mandaar is a Bengali TV series directed by Anirban Bhattacharya, and is an adaptation of Macbeth by William Shakespeare. It is the first series in Hoichoi’s new property ‘World Classics’ and is currently streaming on MX Player in Hindi. This tragic tale of greed and lust showcases how the pursuit of power overpowers human conscience. Mandaar is currently one of the best web series on MX Player that you’ve gotta watch!   



Newlywed Indrani, AKA Indu, grows more and more suspicious of her husband and in-laws after the occurrence of a series of events since the day she got married. In an attempt to find some answers, she investigates the past of her new family and uncovers dark and hidden secrets.

Indian MX Player Series List 

There are some amazing Indian web series on MX Player that are high on entertainment value with engaging storylines that you’ve gotta watch! Scroll down for our pick of the best Indian MX Player series list.


Starring Jitendra Kumar and Akanksha Thakur in lead roles, this MX Player web series makes for a sweet and light watch! It portrays a troubled couple- Neel and Samaira- and how their lives take a new turn when a big ol’ golden retriever walks into their lives.

Im Mature

The show follows Dhruv, a teenage high school boy, trying to figure out his adolescent life as it comes by. Follow him and his friends as they embark on a journey of many firsts on an emotional rollercoaster as he gathers the courage to profess his crush to the class topper- Chhavi. 



This MX Player web series accurately portrays the innocence of teenage romances wrapped up in a wholesome story. Rajat, a bright student, cannot stop himself from being infatuated with Ishita, a new student at his tuition classes. Watch and find out if Rajat’s cheesy attempts to woo Ishita will be successful, while his two best friends form a love connection of their own.

Only for Singles

Six young, single individuals who have moved to Mumbai to follow their dreams end up sharing a flat. Watch their friendships evolve in this comedy MX Player web series as they try and tackle common millennial problems. 

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Now that you have the list of the best web series on MX Player, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and add these to your watchlist ASAP! 

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09 Dec 2021

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