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Happiness Project: 6 Simple Ways To Bring More *Positivity* Into Your Daily Life!

Happiness Project: 6 Simple Ways To Bring More *Positivity* Into Your Daily Life!

In the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, we get so bogged down by the littlest of things. Got rejected by a few auto-walas, had a tiff with your boss, encountered a rude aunty on the train, got stuck in terrible traffic on your way home? Sounds relatable, doesn't it? I know I'm guilty of letting at least one of these things piss me off on a daily basis. And you know what happens when a few of these things bundle up? Not only do they ruin your day, but there are chances that you take out this frustration on someone who had absolutely nothing to do with it. So how do you maintain your calm in situations like these? I've found that making small changes to your daily routine and surrounding yourself with small reminders to be grateful, happy and calm really works. 


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I don't mean to sound like your mom, but coming home to a clean house or a clean room is a wonderful feeling. It's one LESS thing you need to stress about during your day. A clean living space really has the power to relax you after a long day at work. There's a certain joy associated with a clean, warm and cosy space that makes coming home a pleasure instead of a chore. 

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If you find yourself struggling to keep dirty laundry off the bed like I sometimes do, buy yourself two laundry baskets with lids - one for dirty laundry and one for freshly washed (but not folded) laundry. I live alone and prefer to do small chores myself. One of my worst habits is not folding clean clothes and storing them away immediately. Having two laundry baskets is a great way to keep your living space clean and manage to do chores at your own pace. I do also recommend investing in a bunch of cute storage stools and keeping one in each room. They come in handy for storing away things that otherwise would create a mess on your couch or dining table.

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Mood Lighting

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Did you know that mood lighting does so much more than just put you in the mood? What's the favourite part of your house? Your bedroom or your living room? Pick your favourite corner and invest in some pretty lights for it. Even fairy lights can make your house look super-cosy and chic if you use them creatively. Turn on some mood lights whenever you're home, chilling and Netflixing and see how much better you feel. 

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Indoor Plants

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Did you know that indoor plants purify the air in your room, reduce stress, improve your sleep and have a positive impact on your mental health? They act as natural humidifiers and clean the air you breathe by eliminating all the toxins in it. Besides that, doesn't being around greenery make you feel a whole lot calmer? Go ahead, invest in a few cute planters and place them in corners that receive ample natural light. 

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If meditation is not your forte, maybe you can relate to the instant sense of zen that takes over you when you step into a spa? Ever wondered what it is about a spa that makes you feel so calm and de-stressed in a jiffy? It's the mood lighting, the decor and the fragrance in the air. That's what Aromatherapy is all about. Don't worry though, there are easy ways for you to incorporate the use of essential oils in your daily life without having to go to a spa. A humidifier is a great way to make your living space smell like a spa. Just add a few drops of essential oils to your diffuser and turn on the zen! 

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Quirky Corners

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Do you have a corner of your house you crawl into that feels like your safe space? Maybe it's your couch or a large chair in the corner of your room. Use quirky, uplifting home decor knick knacks in that area to keep reminding yourself to NOT take the weight of the world on your shoulder. Small affirmations and bursts of positivity will remind you to keep going through the day. How about laptop sleeve or a cushion that says no stopping me? Maybe a coffee mug that reminds you every morning to be grateful for everything you have. A happiness journal to list down all of your happy thoughts? Or maybe a wall clock that reminds you to focus on the good stuff

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If you spend the majority of your time in the morning and the evening travelling, why not make it count? Podcasts and affirmations are a great way to pass time on your daily commute. They're small, simple steps that you can take every day to a better you and a happier tomorrow. Listening to someone give you little bits of wisdom will take the edge off your commute and is a great alternative for times when reading isn't possible.

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