Mummy Papa Rishtey Dhoond Rahe Hain? Celeb Arranged Marriages That Will Inspire You!

Mummy Papa Rishtey Dhoond Rahe Hain? Celeb Arranged Marriages That Will Inspire You!

Which one stands stronger - love marriage or arranged marriage? This question will always be a matter to discuss until we realise, it's not about 'how you meet?' it's about 'whom you meet?'. While the generations before us have seamlessly believed in arranged marriages, we seem to be a bit skeptical. All thanks to the unrealistic stories shown in Bollywood films and our own past experiences.  

While the ideas of a hero falling in love with the heroine is beautiful, strong relationships shown in films like Vivah, Tanu Weds Manu and Dum Laga Ke Haisha were also commendable. Whatever perception one may have about arranged marriage, know that you can find love anywhere, anyhow. In fact, some Bollywood and television stars have proven it by getting married to the partner chosen by their families. Here's a list of actors who found love in arranged marriages!

Bollywood Celebrities Who Had Arranged Marriages

Much like we have examples of fairytale love marriages such as DeepVeer and Virushka, we also have actors who showed faith in their parents or relatives' choice and found their world! Here are some Bollywood actors who have been through the rishta meetings you feel so nervous about. 

Shahid Kapoor & Mira Rajput Kapoor

1 celebs who had arranged marriage - shahid kapoor and mira rajput kapoor

Image Source: Instagram

Bollywood's chocolate boy Shahid Kapoor surprised everyone with the news of his wedding. The surprise was not just that he decided to marry a girl chosen by his parents but also, that Mira Rajput Kapoor was only 21 years old when Shahid and Mira got married.

The couple met through a religious group, Radha Soami Satsang Beas. Shahid and his father Pankaj Kapur are ardent followers of this group. Papa Kapur did some matchmaking as Mira and her family were also followers. The 14 year age gap between the two did raise a few eyebrows but the couple has often proved that it hasn't gotten in the way of their love story. And now, they have two beautiful kids, Misha and Zain Kapoor.   

Neil Nitin Mukesh & Rukmini Sahay

2 celebs who had arranged marriage - Neil Nitin Mukesh   Rukmini Sahay

Image Source: Instagram

New York actor Neil Nitin Mukesh got married to Rukmini Sahay on 9th Feburary 2017. It was a destination wedding in Udaipur.

In a statement released by Neil Nitin Mukesh's father during his wedding, he said, "Nishi, Neha, Naman and I are ecstatic. Neil is quite old school in his ways and is a firm believer in the traditional school of thought when it comes to the sacred institution of marriage. He left the decision of finding his soulmate in his parents trusted hands and there couldn't have been a better match for him than Rukmini. She has already won the hearts of the Mukesh parivaar with her simplicity and upbringing. She reflects the values and traditions that Neil has been raised with and compliments him in every way possible." 

When asked about his decision of marrying a woman of his parent's choice, Neil said in a statement, "There’s nothing shocking about it. Sometimes we overlook things, which our parents don’t and it’s coming together of two families. And when you look into detailing, it makes more sense. It’s a strong foundation."

Vivek Oberoi & Priyanka Alva

3 celebs who had arranged marriage - vivek oberoi and priyanka

Image Source: Amarujala

After dating Salman Khan's ex and Abhishek Bachchan's now wife Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Vivek Oberoi spoke a lot about how Sallu bhai has threatened him because of which, his Bollywood career also came to an end until he got to play a villain in Krissh 3. The actor finally found the love of his life in his wife, Priyanka Alva. Vivek's father, Suresh Oberoi had arranged their marriage.

Before the wedding, in an interview, Vivek Oberoi said, "I don't mind an arranged marriage. The girl my parents choose could be the girl of my dreams." Later, in another interview, Vivek's mother-in-law and renowned dancer Nandini Alva confirmed her daughter's marriage saying, "It is an arranged marriage and we are very happy."  

Madhuri Dixit & Dr. Shriram Nene

4 celebs who had arranged marriage - Madhuri Dixit   Dr. Shriram Nene

Image Source: Instagram

Even the dhak-dhak girl of Bollywood, who could never fall short of men who were dying to marry her also opted for an arranged marriage. After suffering from heartbreak thanks to Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri took a break in 1999 and went to the USA to see her brother. Her brother Ajit Dixit introduced her to Dr. Nene and soon after, the man of Madhuri's dreams stole her away from Bollywood until she made a come back with Aaja Nachle

Dhanush & Aishwarya 

5 celebs who had arranged marriage - dhanush and aishwarya

Image Source: The Bridal Box

Raanjhana actor and the son of Tamil director Kasthuri Raja, Dhanush got married to Rajnikanth's daughter Aishwarya. Before his wedding, Dhanush spoke about it in an interview saying, "I am going to marry Aishwarya and it is going to be on November 18. It is an arranged marriage and both our parents have accepted the proposal." 

Raj Kapoor & Krishna Raj Kapoor

6 celebs who had arranged marriage - Raj Kapoor   Krishna Raj Kapoor

Image Source: The Financial Express

Raj Kapoor is remembered for his onscreen chemistry with Nargis and off-screen affair with her. The actor got married at a young age. In this story, Raj Kapoor's father Prithviraj Kapoor was the matchmaker.

The book written by Madhu Jain which is based on the Kapoor family, Kapoors: The First Family Of Indian Cinema also talks about it. The book read, "Mine was the only arranged marriage among us brothers. Actually, Krishna is my bua, my father's second cousin. One fine day my father said, 'You are getting married,' and I said, 'Yes father'. That was in 1946 when I was 22 years old."

Rakesh Roshan & Pinky Roshan

7 celebs who had arranged marriage - rakesh roshan and pinky roshan

Image Source: The Bridal Box

Yep, even the Roshans! Pinky Roshan, who is the daughter of producer-director J. Om Prakash, met Rakesh Roshan in an arranged set up. this news was revealed in a magazine article. However, the couple has never addressed it.   

Shammi Kapoor & Neila Devi

8 celebs who had arranged marriage - shammi kapoor and neila devi

Image Source: Outlook India

Chahe koi unhe junglee kahe but Shammi Kapoor eloped to get married to his first wife Geeta Bali in 1955. However, after her demise, he married Neila Devi in 1969. Neila Devi revealed in a magazine interview that their marriage was arranged by Shammi Kapoor's sister-in-law Krishna Raj Kapoor. 

Although Shammi Kapoor was unable to meet Neila when the meeting was arranged, he later called her and spoke to her till dawn. He also invited her for breakfast and asked her to stay in his life forever. 

Rakhee & Ajay Bisawa

9 celebs who had arranged marriage - rakhee

Image Source: YouTube

Rakhee had just gotten out of a broken marriage before her marriage to lyricist-writer-director Gulzar. Her first marriage was arranged. It was before she entered the Bollywood industry. In her teenage years, her marriage was arranged with a Bengali journalist and director Ajay Bisawa. 

In an interview, Rakhee opened up about her marriage and said, "When I married Ajay, I did not know the meaning of marriage or love. I just knew that all girls got married and I had to do the same. It was an arranged marriage and it was doomed from the beginning."

Govinda & Sunita

11 celebs who had arranged marriage - govinda and sunita

Image Source: Instagram

Chi Chi, who is famous for making the country dance in his style also had an arranged marriage. It was Govinda's mother who found Sunita for him. In an article written by Anupama Chopra, "The Loveable Hero", Govinda revealed that he considers his marriage to be love cum arranged. He also said, "I came home one day from shooting and my mother said it's high time I got married. Sunita and I were married the next morning at 4.30 a.m."


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Indian Television Celebrities Who Had Arranged Marriages

Not only Bollywood but television stars have also shown faith in arranged marriages. We keep listening to the news of a new pair falling in love while shooting a daily soap every now and then. However, the following arranged pairs are a treat for the eyes in every way possible. 

Karan Patel & Ankita Bhargava

12 celebs who had arranged marriage - ankita bhargava and karan patel

Image Source: Instagram

At some point of time, every TV fanatic has had a crush on Karan Patel. Aly Goni, who is his co-star and a common friend, introduced Karan and Ankita to each other at a party hosted by Ankita's father.

In an interview, Ankita's father Abhay Bhargava revealed, "On 4th March 2015, I had thrown a party at my place and had invited Karan for it. In the party, Ankita and Karan saw each other and just in two days, they expressed their views on getting married to each other to their parents. It’s not at all a love marriage; in fact arranged by both the families."

Kratika Sengar & Nikitin Dheer

13 celebs who had arranged marriage - Kratika Sengar   Nikitin Dheer

Image Source: Instagram

After playing the role of Thangaballi in Chennai Express, Nikitin became popular. His father and veteran actor Pankaj Dheer found the love of his life for him. TV actress Kratika Sengar met Pankaj Dheer during the audition of a short film. Pankaj really liked her and intended to introduce her to his son. They met each other and fell in love. The two got married in September 2014. 

Jay Soni & Pooja 

14 celebs who had arranged marriage - jay soni and pooja soni

Image Source: Instagram

Sasural Genda Phool fame Jay Soni settled down with Pooja, a girl chosen by his parents. In one of his interviews, he said, "Our parents set-up this meeting but once we spent some time together it felt like I have known her for years. Even though it’s an arranged marriage, I am completely in love with her." The couple also participated in Nach Baliye 7 together. Jay and Pooja now have a one-year-old daughter, Aradheea.

Shraddha Musale & Deepak Tomar

15 celebs who had arranged marriage - shraddha musale and deepak tomar

Image Source: Instagram

Known for her role as Dr. Tarika in CID, Shraddha Musale married a Lucknow-based buisnessman Deepak Tomar in 2012. In one of her interviews, Shraddha opened up about her arranged marriage and said, "We were introduced to each other by my mom a year back. We took our own time to know each other. Waise dekha jaye toh yeh arranged marriage hai, but over this one year, love ho gaya tha humein." 

Divyanka Tripathi & Vivek Dahiya

16 celebs who had arranged marriage - vivek dahiya and divyanka tripathi

Image Source: Instagram

Yeah, I couldn't believe it either when I found out that these two had an arranged marriage but it's true! They got together because they believe in the idea of arranged marriage. On 8th July 2016, Divyanka and Vivek got married and their wedding became the talk of the town. For them, it was their co-actor Pankaj Bhatia who played a cupid. 

Vivek even said, "It wasn't love at first sight. It was an arranged match. We were introduced by a common friend who is also a fellow actor. Then we started looking at each other from a life partner’s perspective. We often met after work and eventually started understanding that we are very compatible and similar to each other and we can take it further."  

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