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Arranged Marriage? 10 *Intimate* Things To Do With Him To Bring You Both Closer!

Arranged Marriage? 10 *Intimate* Things To Do With Him To Bring You Both Closer!

We know it can be a bit tricky in an arranged marriage scenario to know the guy you’re marrying. There is anxiety, excitement, awkwardness, and a slight trepidation all at once. So we decided to draw up a list of things that’ll help bring you both closer and get intimate in an arranged marriage setting. Psst, these are tried and tested and we *know* they work! 

1. Vintage Kinda Love

Yes, we are referring to the lost art of letter writing. There is something so deliciously romantic about going old school and penning down your innermost feelings in a love letter. It’ll help you both create the deepest kind of intimacy, the kind where you get to know each other’s mind.

1 get intimate in an arranged marriage - writing

2. Walk the talk

Typically when it’s an arranged marriage scenario, the couple hasn’t spent much time together. Making it a point to go for long no-agenda walks is a way to get comfortable with him in the same physical space. Yes, you’ll feel the magic as your fingers lightly brush his and your heart rates and thoughts find their sync.

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3. Arrange a tour

So you want him to know all about you and your childhood, right? So show him! Take him to your school, the park you used to play at when you were a baby, take him to your favourite ice cream parlour, to your college, to your old office and wherever else you have special memories.

3 get intimate in an arranged marriage - alia varun

4. Netflix and Chill

It sounds so basic, right? Well here’s the thing. In an arranged marriage set up, once everything is fixed, there seems to be no intent to slow down and do things like a normal couple. It becomes all about planning the wedding, the honeymoon, and so on. So here’s our suggestion, be very basic and schedule some Netflix time. The sheer nothingness of being couch potatoes together will be beautiful blissful.

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5. Sneak in a getaway

We know, we know – this is both frowned upon and usually impossible to plan. But that’s why we used the word ‘ sneak’! Although you two can travel plenty when you officially become man and wife, this trip will be special and will form an integral part of your love story. Besides, if you’re old enough to marry, you’re old enough to do as you please.

5 get intimate in an arranged marriage - deepika ranbir tamasha

6. Cook together

Spend a languid afternoon just basking in each other’s company while you sip on some wine and cook an exotic meal together. For all you know, he might surprise you with his culinary prowess! Now wouldn’t that be a major bonus point to him? You get a tasty meal at the end of this new bonding ritual; what’s there to lose right?

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7. 4 A.M Friend

Your husband ought to be your best friend and this will happen only if you both start to know each other inside out. This means texting and talking incessantly. Now before you proclaim there’s no time for that, let us remind you that everyone needs a 4 A.M friend.

7 get intimate in an arranged marriage - selena gomex texting

8. Join a dance class

Preferably something sexy like salsa or jive that needs both partners to really be in sync. It’ll be a great workout and an excuse to get comfortable with each other’s bodies. Not to mention, lose yourself to the music and just have a ball of a time!

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9. Romantic Dinner For Two

Sometimes romance just has to be induced and we suggest you look up your city’s most romantic restaurant. The ambience will ensure the two of you have a long, fulfilling meal and hopefully this’ll lead to many a lovely discussion about life, love, the universe, and beyond.

9 get intimate in an arranged marriage -zayn malik song

10. Laugh Out Loud

Go for a stand-up comedy show. Laughing your asses off together will ensure that you both feel more connected than ever. Besides, they say you can get to know a person by seeing what they laugh at. It’ll give you both an insight into each other’s minds. Now isn’t that just perfect?   

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