DIY Alert! This Twitter User Created A Makeup Brush Using Her Own Hair

DIY Alert! This Twitter User Created A Makeup Brush Using Her Own Hair

It was a nice sunny day and while I was sipping my green tea and scrolling through Twitter when I found this video that made me go OMFG! A Twitter user called @Maliciousaurus posted a 5-minute craft video of a woman using human hair to make a makeup brush. This video clip made the internet go into a frenzy and is still growing popular as we speak. Here, take a look!

The video begins with a girl chopping off one tiny section of her hair. She then plucks out the eraser which is at the back of the pencil and fills the empty space with glue. She gently inserts the chopped bundle of hair into the tiny metal container and uses a pair of scissors to cut the excess hair. Finally, in the end, she's spotted applying eyeshadow using this DIY makeup brush. 

While it's an innovative idea, let's not get carried away here! Human hair is covered with dust, colouring and styling product residue. If at all it comes in contact with your skin, it could clog your pores (Hello, acne!) Just like animal fur, a human strand of hair is made out of keratin. The only difference is that animal fur is firmer and picks up more product than human hair does. Those on a budget or in the mood to do a quick beauty experiment can consider giving this makeup trick a shot. Good luck!

Image: Shutterstock

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