I Bought A Rs 150 Makeup Brush Online & Boy, Was I Surprised!

I Bought A Rs 150 Makeup Brush Online & Boy, Was I Surprised!

As loyal as I am to my Real Techniques brush kit and my beauty blender, I often find myself adding beauty products to my online cart. I find myself clicking on ads, related links and browsing through category products like an overenthusiastic Beauty Editor. However, I don't always check out. But when it came to this makeup brush, I did.


That's easy.

It's really cheap.

Since I wasn't investing much and it was free delivery, it seemed like the right thing to do on a dreary Thursday. So I bought the makeup brush. Along with six other items.

And to my surprise, it's not half bad. In fact, it's pretty decent.

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This oval shaped makeup brush looks like a toothbrush, they were all the rave last year. Every vlogger has these brushes in ombre or mermaid finish but I love a classic black handle (how basic right?). Besides I was more curious to see it work. 

So I used this steal of a brush to apply these go-to products:

1.Nykaa SKINgenius BB Cream SPF30 (Rs 349): This is a fairly new product and I was using it for the second time so I didn't know what to expect. But since the product had a satin finish to it, it was a breeze to blend this BB cream.

2. Benefit Booing Brightening Concealer (Rs 1,650): I love this concealer more than my L'Oreal Infallible. OK, not true but I truly love using it. It's great for colour correction and coverage, however, blending it takes a bit of patience. I used the brush to blend in this concealer and honestly, it was a bit hard. I didn't feel I was very thorough under my eyes so I blended it with my fingers. Other than that it was pretty OK.

3. Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation (Rs 550): This is where I hit gold. I usually used a fluffy brush or a Kabuki brush to blend my foundation to use my liquid foundation but I used this new format and I think it did a very decent job. The bristles are quite dense so they pick up the product quite well, and blend well without leaving any lines.

Overall, I think it'll do a decent job with liquid formulas. I'm definitely gonna be using it to blend my foundation.

Are you thinking of the time you found a steal? Tell us too!

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