10 AMAZING Things You Did Not Know About The Capricorn Girl!

10 AMAZING Things You Did Not Know About The Capricorn Girl!
This time of the year is dedicated to Capricorns… So can we just take a moment to say that you, dear Capricorns, are fan-freakin-tastic! While the world may not always see how very cool you are, we don’t need to be told twice about your awesomeness. Here are a few things people don’t really know about the Capricorn girl.

1. She is ambitious and has an infectious never-say-die attitude

She keeps her goal in her line of sight, like a hawk, and pursues it relentlessly.

1 capricorn girl

2. She is a dreamer!

And she dreams with her eyes wide open. She believes in dreaming big and then putting in everything she has, in order to fulfil that dream.

2 capricorn girl

3. She does not shy away from taking the road less travelled

She is all for experimenting and trying new things, even if that means she fails a few times before actually making it to the top.

3 capricorn girl

4. She believes in catching the bull by its horns

Sure, she loves security. But she is not one to be intimidated by challenges. She takes them head on and more often than not, is extremely optimistic about dealing with them.

4 capricorn girl

5. She’s fair and square

She has a clear rationale and a strong sense of judgement which she exhibits in various aspects of her professional and personal life. She is the one you can count on for a fair and impartial decision.

5 capricorn girl

6. She is extremely affectionate and her family and friends mean the world to her

She cares for them like no one else can. Also, she does it in ways that may not always be the most obvious.

6 capricorn girl

7. She believes in being practical and doesn’t let emotions affect her judgement

She may be affectionate but that does not make her emotional, especially when it comes to making decisions. She looks at the situation at hand in a practical light and is very honest about her feedback.

7 capricorn girl

8. She is loyal and unflinchingly honest!

She is someone whom people can depend on. She will never be the one to stab you in your back. In fact, she will always always have your back. She is extremely honest, which sometimes may come across as rude. But she means well. A Capricorn girl only knows how to say things as she perceives them instead of sugar-coating them.

8 capricorn girl

9. She likes to be in control

She takes time to open up to people. She likes to keep her weaknesses and vulnerabilities to herself and be in control as much as possible. And if she lets her guard down for someone, that means she truly trusts him/ her a lot.

9 capricorn girl

10. She is fabulous and she knows it!

She is someone who is extremely confident and carries herself with grace and poise. She commands respect and rightfully so.

10 capricorn girl

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