Did You Know You Could Get An INTENSE Smokey Eye Look With Just Mascara!?

Did You Know You Could Get An INTENSE Smokey Eye Look With Just Mascara!?

This post will definitely get you an intense smokey eye with ONE product but it is also rife with hacks!

The mascara is one of the most versatile makeup product there is, as I recently discovered. Basically, if you put all the mascara hacks together, it could give you an intense smokey eye look for a night out. The pigment in the mascara is pretty potent and it can be used for a lot of things related to the eye. 

Before we get into the steps, here's what you will need. 

Mascara (preferably not waterproof)

Flat eyeshadow brush

Angled eyeliner brush

Fluffy eyeshadow/concealer blending brush

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How To

1. Take the flat eyeshadow brush and dip it on the mascara wand to pat on the pigment on your lids. 

2. Use the fluffy eyeshadow brush to blur out the harsh lines around the crease. Blend upwards and outwards. 

3. Take the angled eyeliner brush and pat on some more pigment on your waterline on the corners of your eyes. Then tightline.

4. Take the same angled brush and give your brow an outline. 

5. Take the mascara wand, wipe off the excess with a tissue and fill in your brows. 

6. Finally, use the mascara as you would for your lashes!

That's literally it. So the next time you suddenly have plans after work, just carry a mascara and brushes in your pen case and you will be sorted!

What other hacks would you like us to talk about?

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