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21 Signs You & Your BFFs Are Real-Life Sex And The City Girls

21 Signs You & Your BFFs Are Real-Life Sex And The City Girls

You’ve watched them for years and they’ve practically helped shape the fascinating, confident woman you are today. Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte have taught us countless valuable lesson on love, life and friendship. If you can’t help but wonder whether you and your friends are real-life Sex And They City girls, then this will definitely confirm it. Go on now, give your besties a hug. 1. You aren’t afraid to take fashion risks and can totally rock jeans, a sweater and sky-high stilettoes with stylish flair. sex and the city girls 2. You will never settle till you find your Mr. Big, even if you come across guys as gorgeous as Aiden. 3. You’re extremely protective of your friends and stick up for them, especially in front of men who’ve broken their hearts. sex and the city girls 4. You and your friends stop each other from making rash decisions without some proper reasoning. Would you let your girlfriend move to Paris for a guy she’s been dating for a short while? Maybe not! 5. You’re super comfortable with your sexuality and don’t see the point in acting all coy and timid about it. It’s something that people find incredibly attractive about you. sex and the city girls 6. You can’t imagine dating a guy without dissecting him (not literally!) with your besties first. 7. Except for your closest friends, you don’t really worry about what people think and prefer to live according to your own rules. sex and the city girls 8. You’ve been told that you’re not like other girls by a guy at least once, and you kind of take pride in that. 9. Your husbands know they didn’t just marry you but your troop of soul sisters too. sex and the city girls 10. No matter what life throws at you, you’ve always been a dreamer and somehow always found your way in the end. 11. You guys are amazing listeners and can stay on the phone for hours listening to your friends rant on about their crazy boss, dominating mother-in-law or just the latest fight with their man. sex and the city girls 12. You can splurge a crazy amount on gorgeous shoes without batting an eyelid, even if it means surviving on cup noodles for a few weeks. 13. Catching up on the latest gossip over Cosmos with your closest gal pals is how you love to unwind. sex and the city girls 14. You know the importance of loving yourself before expecting love from anyone else. 15. Shopping, brunching, cocktails and gossiping with your BFFs are some of your favourite things in the world. sex and the city girls 16. You will never fully understand men, even if you’ve been in a long-term relationship. 17. You’re a hopeless romantic, even if you’ve been burnt by a guy plenty of times before; you don’t lose faith. You know there is something better out there for you. sex and the city girls 18. You aren’t afraid to fight for what you want in life – whether it’s a man or a promotion at work. 19. You’re incredibly honest with each other, even if your bestie does look fat in that dress or if she really should break-up with that guy. sex and the city girls 20. Your besties are your family. Period. 21. You don’t need a man to define you. You already know you’re fabulous! sex and the city girls GIFs: pinkypink.org, weheartit.com, sexandanothercity.tumblr.com, tumblr.com MUST-READ: 21 Sex and The City Quotes To Always Live By MUST-READ: #XOXO: 16 Gossip Girl Quotes For Every Girl To Live By!
Published on May 20, 2015
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