'The Best Position For Women To Have An Orgasm Is...' 5 People Reveal!

'The Best Position For Women To Have An Orgasm Is...' 5 People Reveal!

The boundless art of sex is a subject we love to explore. You can experiment with the angles, techniques and positions to achieve a deeper and more satisfying orgasm. With time, along with our partner, we start understanding the positions and variations that are perfect for pleasure. Users on Quora users revealed which positions are the best for a satisfying female orgasm. Read on...

1. The one who thinks ‘the beetle’ will be perfect!

Harsh Gupta answers on Quora: “THE BEETLE

Unlike most rear entry positions in which he holds the reins, the Beetle puts her squarely in control. To tease him, she may partially lower herself, then raise up again. He may beg for her to take the full plunge, but tantalizing him in this way will please him as much as her.”

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2. The one who feels cowgirl will do the work!

George Sawyer answers on Quora: “In terms of sexual intercourse, the best position I’ve found is the cowgirl position. Cowgirl allows the woman to control the depth and speed of penetration, and if she wants clitoral stimulation, she can press her clitoris onto the shaft of the penis or onto his pubic bone.”

3. The one who would love to have a tiger in bed instead of a dog!

Sanjukta Das answers on Quora: “Unleash the tiger: Don’t get fooled by the name. Commonly known as the “doggy style”, let’s call this Tiger style cause you’d want your man to be a tiger in the sheets rather than a dog (visualise adorable little pups everywhere). Whatever you call it, this position has proved to be one of the best positions to hit maximum pleasure for a woman.

Very easily executed, the woman gets done from behind and the G-Spot is stimulated quite easily. You get on your hands and knees. This is a wildly popular technique for a woman to unleash the erotic beasty side of her. There is a lot of pelvic grinding that maximises the pleasure. Also, if you are into spanking and ass-grabbing and hair-pulling, there is not another position that will cater to all those needs.”

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4. The one who believes any position is good enough as long as thoughts are with you

Jacqui Olliver answers on Quora: “Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the physical sexual position which enables a woman to achieve orgasm, it’s the positioning of her thoughts and ensuing actions.

Regardless of the sex position, a woman must focus her attention on sexually arousing thoughts, feelings and actions to be able to achieve orgasm. Specific actions will enhance her awareness of sensation. These actions can be performed in ANY sexual position and will easily increase her ability to reach orgasm.”

5. The one who feels the clitoris is the key!

Lia Prusha answers on Quora: “If by a “good time,” you mean that you wish to give your partner an orgasm, you may want to try a position where you or she can easily reach her clitoris to provide manual stimulation during intercourse, such as woman-on-top, rear entry or “doggy style”, or where the male is lying on his back with the woman also lying partway on her back, part on her side, with his and her legs scissoring each other, so that their joined bodies form an X on the bed. Much will depend on the positioning of her clitoris and the length of her or your arm.”

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