Standing 69 Is The Sex Position That Men & Women Are Least Comfortable With

Standing 69 Is The Sex Position That Men & Women Are Least Comfortable With

One evening at a dance party, after a mad hectic week filled with a lot of deadlines and back-to-back meetings, my partner and I realized that we just couldn't wait to make it back to our bedrooms. In a horny rush, we scanned our surroundings for a private area and came across a parking lot full of autos. After we hid behind the wall, we pulled off our pants fast enough to begin our love-making. I had my back against the wall, my leg raised, supported by my boyfriend's reliable grip while he gracefully managed to bend down. What ensued was some of the naughtiest and most pleasing sex until now. That day I knew that standing sex positions can spice up your sex life easily, with the right coordination obviously. 

While the standing sex position is my favorite, a survey by the pharmacy Superdrug conducted on 1,000 men and women in relationships in the United States and Europe found that most couples are open to trying new sex positions. However, while people may be down to trying new positions, not all sex positions are made to be equally comfortable. There were certain sex positions that couples loved in theory; but, found it extremely difficult to pull off. The least appealing sex position for men and women alike was the standing 69, with 42.7 percent of men and 56.8 percent of women rating it as the one they were least comfortable doing.


Photograph courtesy of Superdrug 

Anal sex and the kneeling wheelbarrow were the second- and third-most anxiety-inducing positions. It comes as no surprise that most respondents said they were most comfortable doing missionary, cowgirl and doggy style. (Easy always trumps). 

While we are all for standing sex positions, the sheer effort and coordination to pull off a standing 69 might be a buzz kill. So, I have to leave you with the warning, "Don't try this at home."

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