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#PleasureYourself: 7 Easy Masturbation Tips For All The Ladies

#PleasureYourself: 7 Easy Masturbation Tips For All The Ladies

Throwing a party for one? By one, we mean yourself and you know by the end of it you're going to feel satisfied (pun intended). Female masturbation is a rarely discussed topic but we're going to talk about it anyway. It is the best way in which a woman can get to know her body really well and also is the best form of self-satisfaction. So, ladies, you want to make sure you're doing it right to make the most of it? Then, here are 7 easy masturbation tips that will totally come in handy for that.

1. Set the mood!

It is one of the key ways to have a good masturbation session. Dim the lights and put on some music to set the mood or possibly an erotic movie. This will be your first step to easy and awesome orgasm.

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2. Take your time

When you start to stimulate yourself, know that it's okay to take time. In fact, it takes a bit of time to set the mood right.

3. Use the lube if required

Using some extra lubrication will make your experience smoother and more pleasurable.  So, don't think twice before using a lube for some extra pleasure.

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4. Use more than one finger

Let your fingers wander. Explore your erogenous zones with more than just one finger and find your best spot to focus on. It just makes the stimulation more intense.

5. Feel free to experiment with sex toys

Sex toys are for added pleasure and why not use some to add to the pleasure you know is yours? Get your hands on some toys and give yourself the pleasure you deserve. While you might not get access to all the sex toys but some are available in the market that will totally be easy to get.

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6. Don't just stick to your clit

The clitoris is important sexual pleasure but did you know that stimulating the walls around your vagina can help you get off too? Don't just stick to your clit and explore the areas around.

7. Try a different position

You don't have to lie on your back. Change your position for comfortable stimulation. You can also try by lifting your legs or moving them along with your hands.

tips to masturbate for every girl 7 

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Published on Jul 15, 2018
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