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Find Out Which Luxury Fashion Brand Are You According To Your Zodiac!

Find Out Which Luxury Fashion Brand Are You According To Your Zodiac!

"Dolce & Gabbana
Fendi and then Donna
Karan, they be sharing
All their money got me wearin Fly..."

Even after almost a decade, The Black Eyed Peas got me thinking about luxury brands and how much I am still deprived of good fashion (or guys who would...)

1 fashion - black eyed peas my humps gif

Just Kidding!

To continue the train of thought, we have something luxuriously special here for you. We have found which luxury brand are you according to your zodiac sign. Let your stars tell you what to start saving for next. Let's get to that bucket list one brand at a time. Check it out!

1. Aries

0 fashion - gucci

It’s your ambitious and daredevil nature that pushes you towards greater achievements. Being bold and owning it is who you are and you're not apologetic about it. When an Aries girl puts her finger on something, it’s hers whether it's a top at a flea market or an insanely expensive tiny bottle of perfume! The best part? You're not afraid to work for what you want, you earn it. Welcome to the Gucci Gang.

2. Taurus

You have an attitude, a quality, an air about yourself that makes others look up to you. Come what may, a true Taurean girl like you won't be able to get over those diamond earrings you saw last week until you buy them. Your strong headedness makes you a natural decision maker and you know you're good at it too. For the girl-on-the-go like you, Burberry is the brand for you.

3. Gemini

3 fashion - hermes birkin

Your vibrant persona, wit and charisma make you irresistible to anyone who tries their luck! Charming, right? But don't for one think this makes A Gemini a goody-two-shoes. Every coin has the other side to it. The Twins can shock you with their infectious energy one minute and immense restlessness the other. When it comes to fashion, basic is baesic always. So, naturally, Hermès is a clear choice for you.

4. Cancer

Sometimes Cancerians can get emotional. Just kidding, they're always emotional but that’s only if you’re important to them. You have two moods ranging from easy-going to possessive. You love, you care, you remember, and you dare. Your boundless humour is always there to seize the day and you make one helluva compadre to hang out with. Go for a Louis Vuitton, won't you?

5. Leo

7 fashion - dolce gabbana

Love them or hate them, there’s no ignoring the ever-dramatic Leo girl. Expect nothing but the truth from a Leo’s mouth - they will never sugarcoat or lie about anything. There’s no challenge you won’t accept and beat others at while at it. You are independent, confident and a big risk-taker. Your cheery persona attracts a lot of friends. And the ever vibrant brand, Dolce&Gabbana.

6. Virgo

Easily trusted and why not - you’re wise, strong, fiercely independent and pure at heart. On the other hand, gaining a Virgo's trust is no Candyland. In order to get close to them, you will have to earn their trust from scratch. You're the sign who buys the same pair of heels in different colours if they work for you. We suggest Valentino for the Virgo girl.

7. Libra

7 fashion - versace

A Libran is always up for trying new things and love going on adventures. You’re the most fun of all the signs! You’re extremely intelligent and have a rare knack for being able to see both sides of a situation, and thus make for excellent judges and mediators. You keep your cool and make sure that others do too. You, lady, are a Versace.

8. Scorpio

You embrace your dark side better than any other zodiac sign and proudly. Chasers and seekers at the same time, nothing comes between you and your desires. Love is your life, uncanny is your game, and loyalty runs in your blood. When it comes to loved ones, a Scorpion can get extremely protective of them - so protective that at they even wouldn’t mind taking the bullet for them! You're a Yves Saint Laurent.

9. Sagittarius

9 fashion - prada

A Sagittarius can never be chained to one place but when it comes to relationships, they're no one more committed than you. You are always caught up in some adventure or the other. You often can’t keep calm and you shouldn’t because what’s fun about that? You think big, act big and spend big. Like Prada BIG!

10. Capricorn

You are a born champ and respected for that. In fact, you can be intimidating to others at times. Praised for your wisdom and unstoppable ambition, it is this that pushes them into achieving more and more. You have a knack for masking your emotions, and only open up to a handful of trusted people. You prefer quality over quantity and that's a discipline others want to have too. Fendi is your calling, Cap.

11. Aquarius

12 fashion - chanel pisces

You'd never want anything mundane to get in the way of your otherwise creative personality. True visionaries, you inspire freedom and sportsman spirit. Your answer is a big 'yes' to everything and anything different. Your uncompromising nature does not let you adjust with a clumsy fall here or there, no. You're the 'get up and kick back' kind of girl. Channel your inner luxe bee with Chanel, darling Coco.

12. Pisces

Pisceans are secretive, trustworthy and lovable. They’re not one of the friendliest star signs, but if they approve of you, you've found either your most devoted friend or your soul mate. You’re the most creative of the signs and unconditional givers. You don’t just believe in fairy tales, you believe that they can come true too. Do it the Dior way, the Christian Dior way.

Published on Jun 22, 2018
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