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10 Fashion Brands You Had NO Idea You Were Pronouncing Wrong!

10 Fashion Brands You Had NO Idea You Were Pronouncing Wrong!

As much as we love all things fashion, it’s fair to admit that some of the brand names aren’t just tongue twisters but downright intimidating. We just never seem to get them right! But don’t you worry ladies, we’re here to take your fashion grammar up a notch. Here are 10 of the hardest to pronounce fashion brands along with their correct pronunciation. Have fun reading!

1. Balmain

Pronunciation: Bal-mahh

2. Christian Louboutin


Do you see what we see? Tromploia wedge plays a clever game of trompe l'oeil. 📷 @clfaubourg

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Pronunciation: Christian loo-boo-tahn

3. Elie Saab

Pronunciation: Ee-lee-sahb

4. Givenchy

Pronunciation: Zjee-von-shee

5. Marchesa

Pronunciation: Mar-kay-sah

6. Bottega Veneta


One of the greatest portrait photographers ever. So thankful we could collaborate #LordSnowdon

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Pronunciation: Bow-tay-guh-vah-netta

7. Comme Des Garcons


The sublime Anna Cleveland. @anna_vrc @juliendys

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Pronunciation: Comb dey gah-sown

8. Issey Miyake

Pronunciation: Iss-ee-mee-yah-key

9. Monique Lhuillier


First glimpse of #mlresort18 🖤Shooting the collection 📸 #bts #bestteam #moniquelhuillier #nyc

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Pronunciation: Monique le-hu-lee-ay

10. Proenza Schouler

Pronunciation: Pro-en-zuh skool-er

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