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10 *Common* Fashion Brands You’ve Probably Been Pronouncing Wrong

10 *Common* Fashion Brands You’ve Probably Been Pronouncing Wrong

Fancy to wear, tricky to say. Some fashion brands are just a tad better at being hard to pronounce than being affordable. But don’t worry this is not that article. I’m not going to list a bunch of brand names that bring a twister to our tongues. Here’s how to pronounce fashion brands, that are pretty common to everyone and yet dangerously mispronounced. Don’t believe us? Scroll down for some happy realizations, and yes, brace yourself!


1 how to pronounce fashion brands - White Bralette ASOS

Correct Pronunciation: Ace-oss

Wear this sexy White Bralette (Rs 843) to a vacay or with a shrug or denim jacket when it gets a bit nippy.

2. Zara

2 how to pronounce fashion brands - Reversible Tote Bag Zara

Correct Pronunciation: Tha-dah

Feeling classy? Carry it black. Feeling sassy? Flip it and unleash the red. This Reversible Tote Bag (Rs 1,990) cannot be missed!

3. Aeropostale

3 how to pronounce fashion brands - Aeropostale pink t-shirt

Correct Pronunciation: Air-o-poh-stahl

We like our tees applique and awesome, just like this Logo T-shirt (Rs 999) in pink.

4. Benetton

4 how to pronounce fashion brands - Black Jumpsuit UCB Benetton

Correct Pronunciation: Ben-nay-tawn

This Black Jumpsuit (Rs 1,999) has got your back for work as well as parties. Also, it’s available at a flat 50% off, yay!

5. Bebe

5 how to pronounce fashion brands - Red Maxi Dress with slit Bebe

Correct Pronunciation: Bee-bee

A Red Dress (Rs 9,000) a day, keeps the doctor away. Layered choker and heels should do the trick, ladies!

6. Pepe Jeans

6 how to pronounce fashion brands - Lola Fit Stretchable Jeans Pepe Jeans

Correct Pronunciation: Pay-pay

These Lola Fit Stretchable Jeans (Rs 2,299) come with a clean look, just how we want our denims this season.

7. Elle

7 how to pronounce fashion brands - pink Slash-knee Trousers elle

Correct Pronunciation: The letter ‘L’

Ditch normal and dare-up with some pink hues this fall. These Slash-knee Trousers (Rs 1,499) are perfect for it.

8. Marie Claire

8 how to pronounce fashion brands - Crystal Contemporary Studs Marie Claire

Correct Pronunciation: Mar-ee-clair

Here’s a pair of every age! Go minimalist (and not minus) with these dazzling Crystal Contemporary Studs (Rs 1,499).

9. Desigual

9 how to pronounce fashion brands - printed A-line skirt desigual

Correct Pronunciation: Dess-ig-wal

Tag a friend in comments who would wear this brilliantly quirky A-line skirt (Rs 2,519) and rock it while at it!

10. Aldo

10 how to pronounce fashion brands - Beige Pumps aldo

Correct Pronunciation: All-doh

Up your footwear game to work with these oh-so-sophisticated Beige Pumps ( Rs 2,995). No one does it better than them.

Funny how we have been wrong all this time! Share it to spread some fashion IQ, won’t you?

Published on Oct 30, 2017
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