17 Thoughts Every Girl Has While Shopping At Zara!

17 Thoughts Every Girl Has While Shopping At Zara!

My love story is one of those 'love at first sight' kind. I entered the room, our eyes met, and it was the most welcoming feeling ever. We kept meeting every month, then every week and things got pretty intense between us. It's been seven years now. Zara and I are still together, stronger than ever.

There's no girl on this planet who has not stepped in a Zara store at least once. If there is, you're probably not friends with her and you're probably right too. Zara is every fashion girl's top choice for it's trendy and stylish collection. They cater to all our fashion needs and somehow, just somehow, get us like even our boyfriends don't.

Here are all the thoughts that run wild in our head while shopping at Zara. Let's see if you're just as crazy about Zara as we are: 

1. I Love This, I Love This, I Love This!

1 zara - cam modern family

2. I Hope My Friends Don't Have The Same Stuff

3. I'm Probably Not Going To Wear It More Than Once But It's Too Pretty To Not Buy!

4. If I Don't Buy This, It'll Haunt Me Forever!

4 zara - scary movie cindy running

5. It's Okay! I Won't Eat Out This Month For This Dress

6. If I'm Buying The Pants, Might As Well Buy The Matching Top And Complete The Set

7. What If My Mom Gets MAD?

7 zara - haley dunphy modern family

8. I Don't Need This Hat RN But What If I Go To Hawaii Someday!

9. Why Can't I Get A Loyalty Discount? I'm Here Like Twice A Week!

10. *At The Billing Counter* There Goes Half My Salary!

10 zara - confessions of a shopaholic

11. I Should Take Both The Sizes To Try Just In Case!

12. I Wish Zara Online Didn't Have A Minimum Order Limit

13. Rs 290 Delivery Charge? I'll Just Go To The Store Tomorrow!

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14. I'll Just Buy This For Myself And Get Her A Gift From Forever 21.

15. Should Have Just Bought It Online Rather Than Wait In The Queue.

16. This Outfit Worth 10k Or Gym Membership?

16 zara - sex and the city carrie bradshaw

17. Zara Just Gets Me!

Isn't it amazing how one fashion brand can do so much, in so many options and styles?! Give us a like for everytime you thought like us at Zara and said, "OMG me too!". And while you're at it, find out which is The Perfect ZARA Item To Shop According To Your Zodiac!