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ZARA Is Shutting Down In India & This Is The Saddest Break-up Ever!

Think of the worst thing that could possibly happen to a fashion girl. Are you imagining something like this?

1 zara - gloria modern family

Or this?

2 zara - ross leather pants

Well, the news that we’re about to share is much worse than your shirt unbuttoning in public or your pants not going up. We just found out that Zara is shutting all its stores in India. Yes, you read that right. A source confirmed us the news last night saying, “By end of the week, Zara is planning to shut all its stores in India due to a reduced footfall since the brand came online in October.” Does this mean a clearance sale at Zara? Will the online store still deliver to India? We’re not sure, but this is worse than a break-up.

3 zara - penny crying the big bang theory

Here are all the things we’re going to stock up on before our doom arrives. And we suggest you should do it too.

Oh, by the way! Happy April Fool’s Day! Your fave brand is not going anywhere. You can stop crying now. Haha!

Published on Apr 1, 2018
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