Just Like Sunshine: A Guide To Getting The Best Summer Skin!

Just Like Sunshine: A Guide To Getting The Best Summer Skin!

By dedicating a skincare post specifically to summer skin doesn’t mean you needn’t care about your beauty regime all year round. OF COURSE you’ve got to give your skin a good dose of TLC at all times, no matter what the season. However, let’s not discount the fact that these hot and sweaty summers can wreak more havoc on your skin than you know. Extreme head teamed with sweat can lead to excessive oiliness, dryness, sunburn, pimples and redness too. But fret not ladies, with our magical tips and tricks, you will rock the best summer skin ever and impress all, come hail, storm or even the harsh sun!

1. Tea Bags For Those Under-The-Skin Pimples

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Bumpy and troubled skin is common in the scorching summer heat. Many of us get those annoying under-the-skin pimples that appear due to heat inside the body usually. To handle those and make them come to the surface, all you need is hot compression with tea bags! Boil some water, place the tea bag in it and then after taking it out of the water and letting it cool for a bit, press it against the pimple. This warm compression will make the pimple come to the surface and take its course. You can then apply some aloe vera gel on it as it has antiseptic properties and is antibacterial too.

2. Yogurt For Sunburns

After a day out in the harsh sun, make it a point to soothe your skin by rubbing some cold yogurt on it. The antibacterial and hydrating properties of it will nourish the skin back to good health and keep it’s natural barrier intact. Yogurt packs also help brighten the skin and remove any tan that the sun may have caused.

3. Multani Mitti For Oily Skin

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Fullers earth has a number of skincare benefits so be in summer or winter, make it a point to have it in your beauty closet at all times. It removes excess oil, cleanses the dirt and grime and also controls the excess sebum production. Above all, it also has a cooling effect on the skin that also shrinks your pores a tad.

4. Salt Water Dabs For Redness And Puffiness

On days when your skin is acting a bit extra sensitive, is swollen and red, use this failproof tactic. All you have to do mix 3/4th teaspoon of salt in a cup of water, soak a cotton ball in it and dab it over the red spots and swollen areas. This will soothe the skin and leave you with even-toned skin.

5. Screen You Skin From UV Sun Rays

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Be it an umbrella, a hat or a good sunscreen, always avoid the sun coming in direct contact with your skin. Opt for full sleeved tops, and slather on sunblock 20 minutes before stepping out in the sun. This will keep your skin’s health as the sun won’t damage your skin cells.

6. Natural Toners For Balanced Skin

While we all have our fave store-bought toners, never undermine the importance and efficacy of natural beauty ingredients. Mix equal parts apple cider vinegar and water and spritz it onto your face twice a day. This will keep your skin moist and cleansed throughout the day. This will maintain the pH balance of your skin - something you will thank us for later.

7. Eat Right!

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Foods with a high water content are what you need to gorge on all through the summer. This will keep your body hydrated - and how you take care of your insides, shows up on the outside. So, make it a point to bite into some cucumber, watermelon, celery, green peppers, iceberg lettuce and other hydrating foods every day, ladies.

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